See The Light With Your Redecoration Plans

See The Light With Your Redecoration Plans
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    Ever seen the 'light ropes' people hang on the outside of their houses at Christmas and thought they were pretty cool?

    Why confine yourself to a few weeks of the year when there is so much flexibility in light strip products?


This article shows you how to give your home year round festive style.

Festive Spirit

Fairy lights or strips of small lights have long been part of a party spirit. Elegant, delicate and ultimately very pretty, why not use them as part of your everyday interior design scheme? There are so many products on the market now that incorporating this type of lighting need not look like you just forgot to take down the party decorations.

The Right Light

Any successful interior design project needs effective lighting. Light can update a room very easily, but it can also make a beautiful room look uninviting if done badly. Usually, a combination of various different lights is the best option, to give you lots of flexibility to change the mood and make the most of your room. Ambient light will be the main source in a room, but you will also need task lighting (think desk or armchair) and perhaps accent lighting to highlight features. LED lighting strips would fall into this category.

Dare To Be Different

There are lots of ways to incorporate LED lighting into your home, not just decoration on the outside. There are so many different products now – off the shelf or totally customized if you have a wild idea! There are colored or white light options. Redecorating is a chance to express yourself and be creative.
LED strips can be battery powered or mains powered. Beware cutting strips to size if you opt for the mains powered options!

There are lots of benefits of using strips of LED lights:

  • Flexibility
  • Dimmable create your own mood
  • Does not give off heat

Be adventurous with the position of your lighting. Try the inside of bookshelves, under kitchen cabinets, around bathroom mirrors etc.

On Another Level

For maximum impact and flexibility, introduce lighting on several different levels. For example, in a living room, alongside overhead ceiling lights and side lamps, consider strip lighting at floor level or on a bookcase. The interest created by the various levels and styles will prevent the decor looking flat. Done well, it is a wonderful way to create atmosphere.

Beware Too Much Of A Good Thing

Unusual lights are on trend at the moment, but too many can look contrived or overpowering. Remember that strip lights are most likely to fall into the ‘accent’ category and too many loses the impact. If you have an expensive necklace, you would not combine it with several other big pieces, or a scarf, for example.

It’s Easy!

Lighting strips are usually quick and easy to install, often as simple as just peeling the back of pre-attached adhesive and fixing in place. So it really is up to you. Take the chance to create a really unique space, limited only by your own imagination. Try something daring!

People often come to lighting as an afterthought with their decorating when really it ought to have far more precedence. Considered at the start of a project, it could shape the whole design and help create a very flexible, stylish scheme. Whilst LEDs are a great option, take into account the natural light in your room, too and remember that it will change throughout the day and as the seasons change.

James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.



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