Home Improvement With Minimal Investment

Home Improvement With Minimal Investment
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    With holiday season round the corner, it is time to give your house a complete makeover.

    This means new curtains, new furniture and furnishings, new kitchenware, house painting and a lot more.


Basically it means investing a lot of money. But there are ways to make your house look new and different with minimal amount of investment. A few of these ways are given here. This list is not complete. You can add on your own creative ways in order to make your house look truly innovative.

Change your curtains.

This is the simplest and the easiest to do. Besides, it brings an immediate transformation to your property. The simplest option here is to interchange the curtains between rooms. The curtains of your living room can be interchanged with those of the lobby. Do the same with your bedroom curtains. In case the curtains are too long, you may fold them. In case they are short, add on some lace cloth at the bottom. You can also try and change just one curtain and bring a contemporary touch to your home. So two cotton curtains with a lace curtain in between can make a statement for your room!
Get the fine crockery out.

This is the perfect time to get all that fancy crockery out of the closet. This way you would be using it as well as making it into a decoration item. Use your fine china as focus points in your house.
Say it with flowers.

There can be nothing better than fresh flowers to bring cheer and festivity in any place. You may opt for a single big flower arrangement or a number of smaller ones. Even a single flower arranged well in a vase can transform a room complete. Try and have some kind of flower arrangement in all nooks and corners of the house. In case fresh flowers appear too cumbersome, then opt for artificial flowers. Opt for innovative options like a vine cascading down from your curtain rod. You may even have a creeper adorning your front door or one running on your living room wall. This is something that you can change at regular intervals and keep your house looking different each time.

Go green.

While opting for home improvement, strive to go green. Have some potted plants indoors. There are ample options available in indoor plants. Keep some pots of fresh herbs near your kitchen. Place some pots of evergreen plants in your balcony. In case watering them daily is an issue, opt for a drip watering system where the plants get water on a regular basis.

Perhaps it might be time to do a major renovation. Maybe redesign your kitchen or upgrade the bathroom. Please give this article a quick comment/share and then jump over to our 6-step home remodeling plan for key step-by-step instructions and tips in home renovation.

As you can see, home improvement requires only a bit of creativity and some effort. You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to improve your house. These are simple tips that can make a huge change to the look of your house. You can definitely benefit from all these tips. And during this festive season, you can share the same tips with your friends too who must be going through this same dilemma as you are. Just share this article with them through social media like Facebook and others and they would be thanking your for it!



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