Installing Suspended Glass Shelves on a Drywall

Installing Suspended Glass Shelves on a Drywall
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    Suspended glass shelves are quick and easy decorative shelves to install.

    It can add beauty to a blank wall, add ambiance to a room, and add storage space as well.


It is especially great if you have a drywall to attach it to. In such a case the method would be to use a tongue and groove method. There are kits available for you to use for this purpose. If you choose to do your own glass cut shelves, you would still have to have a professional cut the glass for you, unless you have the equipment to do so.

The Instruction Kit

You might want to use a kit that comes with all the instructions. It will contain all the parts you would need to install the shelf or shelves.

Even though it is a decorative shelf, the glass should also be thick enough to carry the weight of the objects you intend for its use. If you are going to buy the glass yourself, you know that it would mean doing everything yourself.

You should have the necessary equipment, though, for cutting and sanding the edges. Even if it means more work, it could be more fulfilling to do everything yourself. However, for a quick and easy way to install the shelving, you could simply use a kit.

For Drywall Installation

When you have a drywall on which to hang the shelf, it could be more convenient than with other types of walls. You should be aware that the drywall often has wires or metal frames in the way where you will be making the slots for the shelves. You should, therefore, check this out and make sure that the wall is clear so that you do not end up shocking yourself.

The most important part of “hanging” the shelves is to take extra care to take accurate measurements. A kit would normally have a template. The template is easy to use as you would simply place it on the area where you want the shelf, and outline it with a pencil. Making use of a kit is, therefore, a much easier and quicker way to fit your shelving.

Finishing the Shelf

If you use a pencil, you should use it in such a way that it is easy to clean up afterward. When you mark out your template, make sure that you do not forget that you need to use a level otherwise you will have a shelf that cannot hold anything. The marking on the template will give you the exact spots where the groves will be to match up with the glass tongues.

With the drywall it is easy to use a wall saw to cut the grooves to the size of the tongues. Use adhesive caulking on the inside of the grooves before you fit the tongues into the grooves. Once you have filled the space, insert the shelf and add some more adhesive caulking. Once this is done, you simply clean off the excess and wait for the caulking to dry. Clean the glass and everything else and you are done.



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