9 Furnishing Additions That Help You Organize Your Home

9 Furnishing Additions That Help You Organize Your Home
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    While everyone has unique tastes, anyone can gain a sense of wellbeing from a conveniently-organized home.

    But what is best way to keep your home organized?


One of the best ways to stay organized and keep your rooms looking their best is to pick the right combination of organizational furnishings for you. Choosing the ideal set of tools to simultaneously help you decorate your room and keep everything tidy can help you turn your home into a sanctuary.

Shoe Cubby

When shopping for furnishings that will help you stay organized, a shoe cubby is a great place to start. The simple adjustment of keeping shoes off the floor in designated places can make a massive difference in the cleanliness of a room. A shoe cubby can also make the floor easier to maintain since it reduces the clutter that would get in the way of cleaning.

Shoe cubbies are often portable and affordable, with many priced at under fifty dollars. When choosing your shoe cubby you’ll want to consider factors such as the color scheme of your home, where the cubby will be used, and what kinds of materials will best withstand the amount of traffic it will get.

shoe cubbycolor coat hangersunder-bed storage boxes

Coat Hanger

Not only do trusty coat hangers keep clothing hanging neatly in the closet, they can also help to organize other belongings as well. Items such as hats, ties, bags, and scarves can all be arranged and stored with coat hangers.

There is a surprisingly diverse selection of coat hangers on the market, and each choice can fulfill different styles and functionality requirements. For example, you may want to use an array of color-coded hangers to organize your clothing into whichever categories make the most sense to you.

Above all: Be sure that you get coat hangers with strong hooks that can handle the weight of heavier belongings. Strong coat hooks reduce the risk of injury and can improve the life of the product.

Under-Bed Storage Boxes

Many people fail to realize the value of the organizational real estate beneath their bed. The space under your bed is perfect for wheeled storage boxes that can help you keep your things organized. Some people like to store items in these boxes that relate to rest and relaxation, such as a few choices in reading material, a sleep mask and pajamas or extra sets of linens and blankets.

Many under-the-bed storage boxes come pre-fitted with a set of wheels to make rolling them in and out from beneath the bed-frame a breeze. When choosing the right storage boxes for your bedroom, consider factors like your ideal compartment size and how they’ll look with the rest of the room when left visible.

corner shelf standbedside storage caddy

Corner Shelves

A classic, convenient way to both decorate your space and help keep it organized is the selective use of corner shelves. As the name would suggest, these modern-looking furnishings grace the corners of a room in order to store and display items that brighten up the space.

When choosing the right corner shelves for your home, it’s important to first decide exactly where you’ll be installing them and then base your shopping around that. Consider whether you’ll be using corner shelves to serve as a practical place to set items while coming through the door or designating them as display areas for treasured decorative items instead.

Bedside Storage Caddy

If you’ve already got your rolling storage bins and nightstand fully decked out with before-bed items, then you may want to supplement your already-existing storage with a bedside caddy. If you like to go for a more minimalist appearance in your bedroom, then a bedside storage caddy is a great way to do away with the nightstand entirely.

This convenient little item affixes to the side of your bed frame, resting flat against the side of the bed to organize belongings such as a pad of paper and pen, the TV remote, or a backup pair of reading glasses.

Hat Hooks

Instead of letting your hats collect dust in the closet in between uses, let them double as decorative elements on the wall! Arrange your hats in a visually pleasing way, and then mount them with some hat hooks on the wall.

hat hooksblanket rackstorage trunk seat

This method is far cheaper than a hat rack and takes up none of the floor space that a standing rack would. Additionally, hanging your hats on the wall adds a special, personal touch to your room while keeping things looking sleek and tidy.

Blanket Rack

Whether you’re looking at your bed or the living room couch, you’re sure to find some extra blankets lying around. Even if you manage to keep things a bit tidier by folding blankets that aren’t currently being used, they can quickly pile up and take up valuable space while adding nothing to the room.

If you want to keep things looking organized but don’t want to take a trip to the linen closet every time you want to curl up with a blanket, then a blanket rack could be just right for you! Blanket racks come in all kinds of different styles, giving you the opportunity to visually spruce up your area while staying organized.

Storage Trunk Seat

One of the best ways to make the most of your space is to utilize items that serve more than one purpose. A prime example of this is the storage trunk seat, which allows you to lift the cushioned top to access internal storage space below. The styles of these storage trunks are nearly limitless, so you’ll likely find a great fit for your home no matter what your style preferences are.

When shopping around, be sure to consider the amount of room you have to spare, taking measurements beforehand if needed. While storage trunk seats make great use of the space they take up, they can still use up a good bit of space!

other valuable tips:

Pillow Basket

Similarly to blankets, pillows can quickly pile up when not in use and make any room look less organized. Decorative throw pillows, for instance, can definitely downgrade the look of a room when they migrate from their places atop the bedspread or couch to a messy pile on the floor.

To solve this problem, make use of a pillow basket to contain pillows that aren’t currently being used. Choose your pillow basket according to the style of your room and let it transform a jumble of unused pillows into a tasteful arrangement that adds visual appeal to your space.

No matter your style, you and your home are sure to benefit from an extra helping hand when it comes to keeping things organized. If you’ve been looking to find a few key items to help greatly improve the look and feel of your dwelling, then consider furnishing additions that can also help you organize your home.

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