How to Make Your Own Weed Killer at Home

How to Make Your Own Weed Killer at Home
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    It's a sunny Saturday morning, you've just made a delicious cup of coffee and you step out onto your porch to breathe in the fresh morning air and let's face it, you want to admire all of your hard work you've done on your yard before the neighbor's dog wakes up and starts barking.


Do you hate weeds?

You look at your flower beds and you think to yourself, “dang, I could start my own landscaping company.” You look over at your pathway you’ve created with sheets of rock and admire the classy look it gives to your yard and you turn your head…and there it is; a nasty, hideous weed that you somehow let slip past you the day before.

You can’t wait to spray that thing with it’s very nemesis…weed killer. You run back inside to find your spray bottle, but to no avail. You have seemed to misplace it during all of your crazy gardening the day before.

However, even though you debate digging it up and potentially damaging your flower bed, you remember that time you read an article online about how to make your own weed killer!
And this, my friend is that article!

You’re probably thinking all of that hype was built up for nothing but there is something really satisfying about killing weeds. I’m not sure what it is but I feel like I’m doing a good service whenever I spray those things.

When an actual store-bought weed-killer is not available, this little recipe is a no-brainer and its entirely made of things that we all pretty much have in our homes at all times.

Weed Killer Made…well at Home!

Here’s what you’ll need to make this homemade weed killer:

  1. An empty spray bottle
  2. 1/2 cup of salt
  3. Dawn dish soap
  4. White distilled vinegar

Basically all you need to do is empty out and clean whatever spray bottle you’re using if it was used previously for a different product, put a half cup of table salt in there, a squirt or two of Dawn dish soap and fill the rest of the bottle up with vinegar.

Shake it up a little until it’s all fully dissolved and mixed and you are ready to go and conquer those weeds!

Be careful to get the very center of the weed to attack it at its roots, but other than that, you’re good to go! Make sure to share this tip with your flower-loving friends and enjoy tomorrow morning, weed-free! Happy Gardening!



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