Think Before You Work: Five Yard Suggestions that Make Upkeep a Breeze

Think Before You Work: Five Yard Suggestions that Make Upkeep a Breeze
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    There's a real art to organizing yard work to make it less onerous, exhausting and tedious.

    Oftentimes we, as homeowner, just jump into the work without thinking ahead and can end up wasting countless hours with menial labor.


There are five yard suggestions that reduce upkeep and can keep you out of your yard while keeping it looking great.

Remove Leaves and Debris at Borders

A professional painter first paints around the edges and borders of a room. It’s called "cutting in." Yard work needs the same kind of cutting in to reduce workload and make upkeep easier. Remove all leaves and debris at the base of fences and where formal borders are located. Rake these away from their original location and remove to a receptacle.

Organize Yard Work in Top to Bottom Order

Think, "Top to Bottom" when creating a plan to organize your work around your yard. Example, instead of raking first, (bottom work), begin with tree and shrub pruning and deadheading of plants (top work). You can do this yourself or try contacting a professional, like those at Arborcare Tree Service, to help with the trimming and disposal of unwanted limbs. All of this type of work ends at ground level. It makes sense to allow the free fall of trimmings to add to the rest of the job of raking.

Planning a Calendar for Fertilizing, Planting and Reseeding

Keep a calendar as a reminder to fertilize in early spring and late autumn. A calendar is also helpful to keep track of planting seasons. For example, plant bulbs in late autumn or early spring, evergreens in early autumn, hardwoods in early spring and flowers according to their suggested planting times. Note on the calendar when the lawn needs reseeding. Depending on climate, this can be early spring or late autumn.

Seasonal Aerating, Seeding and Mowing

When it’s time aerating the lawn, it’s easier to do this as soon as soil is workable. Then, allow the soil to "rest" after aeration and a few weeks later, seeding can begin. Don’t forget to properly protect new seeds with a light covering of soil so the work of seeding doesn’t need to be repeated. Mowing a lawn may seem like the task procrastinators find easiest to avoid or delay. Yet, mowing needn’t be viewed as a "chore." Allow a new lawn to get a head start before mowing. For older lawns, mow as needed and in limited sun to avoid drying grass roots.

Seasonal Planting and Replanting

Planting is a seasonal job that really requires only limited effort if planned accordingly. The replanting of certain types of bulbs like gladiola and cannas can be done after the danger of frost is over. But others can be planted once and expected to show up each year. Consider planting a favorite perennial bulb in a certain area for annual delight.

These tips will help make any yard shine and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Remember to start from the top down and incorporate some of these tips into your next landscaping plan for a flawless and easy to manage yard.



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