Why Regular Deck Repair Helps You Save Dollars

Why Regular Deck Repair Helps You Save Dollars
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    Many homeowners overlook the importance of deck repair, not due to lack of interest, but due to their increasingly busy schedule.


It is only when the deck is clearly worn out that they consider replacing it with an altogether new deck. Replacing a deck altogether can be extremely costly and time consuming.

We have three children, my husband works all day, and I work part time too, in the evenings when he is home. We have a nice deck which is our children’s favorite place to play, and for us it’s a space to relax at on weekends. We are extra careful with loose floorboards and bolts because we want to make it secure for our kids and us.

I always wanted to have a new deck, but then that’s out of our budget. We do take care of our current deck regularly, and I must say it has been easy on our budget. In addition to it, our deck has been in good condition since we ensure to service it regularly.

Regular deck repair is beneficial and increases the lifespan of a deck. Frequent overhaul of decks delays them from being worn out soon; well kept decks can last for a good 7-10 years, where as those decks that are not services regularly, can completely wear out in few years.

Deck Repairs is Cost Effective in the Long Run

We give our deck a regular overhaul; if we see a popped nut , or a soft board, by husband fixes it as soon as possible; this hardly costs us anything. Here are some low cost deck repair solutions that can help you save dollars:

  1. Chipped wood & Loose Floorboards
    Repair chipped wood and loose floorboards as soon as you see them. This is essential to prevent any hazards, especially if you have kids or pets in your home. Sharp edges of the wooden boards can cause someone to trip, and can give splinters to anyone who steps on them.
  2. Tighten or Replace Bolts
    Nuts and bolts overtime can loosen or rust if moisture penetrates through the deck wood. Tighten the bolts of the wooden boards to make sure the deck is safe for walking. Replacing nuts and bolts is a very low cost maintenance for your deck.
  3. Staining and Finishing
    Staining and finishing the deck is important to keep the boards from rotting and wearing out. Make sure to pressure wash before staining or finishing your deck.

Even pressure treated wood can rot and can absorb moisture; therefore regular maintenance of deck is important once or twice a year. These common repairs are cost effective as compared to replacing a worn out deck with a brand new one.

Building a Brand New Deck is Extremely Expensive

Brand new decks can be extremely expensive, costing a minimum of $50,000 USD. Homeowners can avoid these high costs by giving a regular overhaul to their deck. Deck replacement and repair is rather cost effective and needs to be done immediately in case of moisture penetrate into the wooden floors, and into the joists.

Poor maintenance of a deck can eventually wear out the deck sooner than expected. The costs to repair a deck that is in its extreme poor condition can be financially exhausting. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune on getting a new deck, then it’s smart to take care of your deck on a regular basis like the one we do. Our deck is a busy place in the evenings and on weekends; my sons and daughter play there, while I relax and have my afternoon coffee whilst reading a book.



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