Ten signs that you need a plumber right now

Ten signs that you need a plumber right now
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    Plumbing problems can cause a lot of expenses on fixing the results of the damage made by dripping pipes, leaks, etc.

    If you react in time and do the necessary troubleshooting by yourself if you have the skills or hire a professional plumber, you can diminish these expenditure to minimum and have properly functioning toilets, sinks and boilers.


You can protect your house from mold and decay, caused by leaks under the sinks and boilers. Hiring a plumber to fix your plumbing problems can reduce the dirt in your house and your cleaning work, as well as resolving the water supply problems that you have. Here are signs that you might need a professional plumber in your home right now.

Plumbing Noises

The first sign you have a plumbing problem is hearing a shrieking noise every time you use your taps when turning on. This happens because there is air in the sink tubes, and the air system in the pipes is not functioning correctly. All noises in the conduit are signs for some plumbing problem.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign that you need plumbing troubleshooting is the low water pressure in your  house. This can be the result of a clogged pipeline, a crack causing outflow in the pipes or tubes with sizes that are improper and not suitable to provide the necessary water pressure. Only experienced and competent plumber can help you and do the necessary work to fix these problems permanently.

You need to call a plumber if you find mold and stains in the closed places in your home. After cleaning them it is certain that they will appear again. This shows that there is a leak, which should be fixed. If you find wet areas on the pipes or under them, below your kitchen or bathroom sink, this mean that you need Home Mates services. Don’t underestimate  qualitative assistance, which they can provide.


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Bad Smells

If a sink, that haven’t been used for some time smells bad, this probably comes from the drains. It shows that the P-trap have dried and needs refilling. If after letting the water run from the sink for a little time to recharge the P-trap the bad smell doesn’t disappear, you certainly need a plumber in your home.


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Backed-Up Sounds

If you hear a gurgling sound coming from the sewer this indicates a stoppage in the pipes. The air in them is probably trapped and need to be released by someone who knows how to do it.

If your toilet often backs up and isn’t flushing normally, this may be the result of an overflowing septic tank that should be discharged or tree roots, which have grown in the pipes, blocking them.

Every sign of red rust or corrosion on the heater of the tank and tubes show that you need to check your plumbing system and do the necessary repair work.


Brown, dark or discoloured water running from your sink tap is an indication  for the necessity of changing your water heater with a new one. This can be done by every professional plumbing technician.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking taps, when turned on, show that the washers or the O-rings should be substituted with new ones. When you turn off the shut-off valve and if the water meter is running, this means that there is a leak or more leaks you need to fix. They are signals for an urgent plumbing help, done by an emergency plumber.

Slow drains are signs of some kind of obstruction in the pipes or frozen pipes, usually happening in the cold winter months. You can solve the problem by using the available solutions for drain stoppage sold in the markets, which can melt the blocking obstacle. But the most reliable way to solve these problems is calling a plumber, who will choose the necessary tools for removing the blockage.


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Before fixing the problems with your pipes and water drains, they will cause a lot of cleaning and wiping to dry work. After the repair work is completed you will spend less time cleaning and making dry your floor surfaces, sinks and toilet. An emergency plumber can make your leaking and other drain problems quickly and successfully solved. All the signs showing that you need a plumber shouldn’t be ignored because they can increase and complicate more to become an issue you can’t neglect.



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