Home Maintenance Tips for 2014 – Avoiding the Big Ticket Expenditures

Home Maintenance Tips for 2014 – Avoiding the Big Ticket Expenditures
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    April is here, and many of us might have already started dreaming about spring and summer.

    Whatever said and done, most of us tend to hate winter because of the woes that it brings along.


However, this year’s winter was certainly exceptional.  The entire world was taken by surprise by the same.  This tells us a tale.  Some scientists have been predicting this for years now.  With global warming starting to take effect in the recent years, it is expected that the summers will get warmer, winters will get harsher, and the amount of rainfall will significantly escalate.  Therefore, instead of dismissing this year’s winter as an exception, we must take this as a signal and start preparing ourselves for more instances of severe climate conditions.

Among the various things that get affected during extreme weather, the one thing that must be seriously taken care of is our home.  Most people can only afford a home once in their life, and hence it is a lifetime investment.  During extreme weather, various parts of the home might malfunction.  Such malfunctions not just derail our regular life; they also entail big ticket expenses.  For example, if the roads outside our home flood and the water slides into our home, it could affect the floor, the furnishing and even the electrical fittings.  You might have already guessed the amount of money that might be put on risk in this case.

While not all expenses can be avoided, certain precautions and home maintenance can ensure that safety is upheld and the expenses are curtailed to the highest possible level.  In short, you have to make sure that whenever disaster strikes, you have a back-up plan in place.


Here are some home maintenance tips that can help you ensure that you are well prepared in the year 2014 to brave all weather uncertainties and extremities. 


What is the one evident change that you have experienced in the weather over the last decade?  Most people would say excessive cloudiness.  We do not get as many clear days as we used to in the past.  Even the sunny days have some amount of cloudiness, and that is an indicator of the increased amount of humidity in the environment.  This can also be vouched for by the scientists, who believe that this is a clear sign of global warming.  Under this scenario, it is important to get your home equipped with a dehumidifier.  If you already have a dehumidifier, you must make sure that it is checked by an expert at least once every year.


The trend of using solar energy has increased in the recent times.  It is a good trend as it helps the environment too.  However, there are various precautions that one needs to take while using solar energy.  All the appliances and equipments must be configured to be used with solar energy, and regular maintenance must be performed by certified professionals.


Various parts of North America were affected by the ice storm this winter.  It was so severe that even the governments were taken by surprise.  They didn’t know the best way forward.  Now that it has already happened, it is important that we know how to prepare for it.  Firstly, you must have a metal shovel handy.  The plastic shovel is ineffective when used to shovel away slush and loose ice.  The metal shovel works best in this case.  On the other hand, you can also make use of the Ice Chisel.  If there is thick layer of ice on your driveway, you can use the Ice Chisel to remove that.  However, you should be careful and ensure that it does not damage the concrete beneath the ice.


Here is another absolutely indispensable safety ingredient that you need to have in your house during the winter months.  These are solutions that can help you melt snow and ice.  People need to clear off the snow or ice from their driveway within a specified time period.  The time period might change from one country to another.  Various combinations of salts are available in the market to melt away snow and/or ice.  On the other hand, sand can also be used in combination with the sunlight to melt ice.  Therefore, having these melting solutions at home can make you better prepared against adverse conditions.


Seasonal home check-up is extremely important.  There are professionals who can visit your premises and tell you whether your home is well equipped for the weather or not.  Various experts suggest that such check-up must be done once a year; however, I believe that seasonal check-up is imperative.  For example, before spring sets in you can find out if your home falls in the flood risk area.  Also, the check-up can tell you if the exterior of the house, the foundation, and other elements are prepared to stay strong in case a flood-like scenario arises.


Now that we have spoken about the possibility of a flood, let us also speak about an emergency kit that one must have in place.  There isn’t anything special that you need to carry, but it is some basic things that are the most needed in situations of crisis.  The kit can include some important personal documents.  On the other hand, you can carry a first-aid kit, a torch, and a disinfectant.  Additionally, it will be prudent to include a blanket, gloves and protecting clothing.  All of this can really help you if you are stuck somewhere due to flood.


Getting the gutter cleared once a year can ensure that the rainwater does not overflow.  Therefore, the water would not get into your home’s plasterwork and decorations.


You need to make sure that the loft pipes of the house are under the loft insulation.  This way, they would get the desired heat at all times, and that would help them be protected against the chances of freezing.


Excess snow on the roof can cause grave damage to the roof tiles and even affect the strength of the roof.  Thus, after the winter is over, you must get the roof inspected by an expert.


Finally, one of the most basic things to do is to insure your home and its contents against any untoward incident.

These are all those things that you must strive to do to ensure the safety of your house, your family members and yourself during extreme weather conditions.

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Penny Olmos is associated with Holloway Houston, Inc. a leading industrial lifting equipment manufacturing company. Her writing is backed by knowledge gained by her many years of experience partnering with clients to build their business through development and implementation of track-proven Internet marketing strategies.



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