Necessary Repairs Before You Flip That House

Necessary Repairs Before You Flip That House
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    Before flipping and selling a home, some repairs and upgrades are likely needed.

    Even if you have real estate in great locations, there are several issues that will turn off potential buyers.


The following list discusses important fixes that should be done before you flip that house in order to maximize the value of the property.


Damaged tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen can be easily spotted by potential buyers. Additionally, dirty grout is also quite visible. Clean and sparkling grout will significantly alter the appearance of even older tile. It may be possible to simply replace a few damaged tiles on the floors and walls as well. Your local hardware store most likely carries some compatible tiles made of natural stone, ceramic and even glass mosaic. A thorough cleaning should be applied to all tile surfaces of a home that is being listed for sale.

HVAC System

Climate control is an essential part of any comfortable household. Additionally, people expect to move into a home that has fair air quality. The HVAC system should be completely repaired and upgraded to be in perfect working order. The blower of a furnace or air conditioner unit may have to be fully replaced. The condenser unit of an air conditioner should be able to handle extreme temperatures during the summer season. All of the ducts and vents should be thoroughly cleaned and equipped with the appropriate air filters that remove common contaminants of various micron ratings. The EPA offers resources on indoor air quality.

Roof Fix

A leaky roof can create some serious damage that will be expensive to repair later on and will seriously impact how potential buyers feel about the property. Therefore, any damaged roof patches, shingles and tiles must be completely repaired. Patch up a few spots that may be unsightly and would impact responses when buyers inspect a home. You can even consider long-lasting, energy efficient metal roofing materials from businesses such as Metal Roof Outlet. It may also be necessary to reinforce some of the structures holding up a roof system such as trusses, rafters, gables and eaves. A ceiling that is under a leaky roof should also be completely repainted and fixed to eliminate signs of water damage. Reputation is everything in the real estate business, so make sure that you don’t sell houses that still need significant long-term repairs.


Fixtures such as sinks, toilets and bathtubs can be replaced by buyers of a home according to preference. However, the plumbing system of a home should be fully functional. This means that the supply lines and drain pipes should be in good working order. A faulty water heater should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent fire hazards, explosions and weak delivery of hot water to fixtures in a home. Residential plumbing pressure regulators may also have to be fixed to guarantee a smooth flow of cold and hot water to fixtures.

Home buyers can easily notice major problems during inspections. A flipped home should be repaired to meet high expectations of safety, comfort and aesthetics to maintain your real estate reputation and maximize the value of each property. Although location is important, you can also increase your property values through care and maintenance.

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