How to Get Started with Automating Your New Home

How to Get Started with Automating Your New Home
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    It's an exciting time in your life.

    You've just purchased a new house and now want to automate it so everyday tasks are simpler, safer, and cheaper.

    As technology advances, it provides you with more control over your home.


Whether it’s conserving energy, strengthening your security, or creating and enhancing your entertainment systems, home automation puts the power in your hands — literally.

With that said, here are five simple steps to help you get started with automating your new home. 

Determine Your Needs and Decide on a Home Automation Standard

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine your wants and needs. Simply put, what areas of your home do you want to control? The possibilities are endless, so jot some ideas down on paper while dreaming up your perfect home. Making a major installation like this involves planning and preparation, so remain diligent throughout the process. 

Once you’ve mapped out what you want and need on paper, you can start shopping around for a home automation standard. The two most popular standards are the Insteon (Smarthome) and the X10 (X10 Company). While both are relatively similar, the X10 is usually cheaper; although, the Insteon provides your home automation system with more data to work with. For more information, check out this post that compares the two. 

Stay Patient and Install Your System in Increments

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing to install your home automation system. Home automation is supposed to make your life simpler. If you rush your installation, you’re just going to complicate things. As mentioned earlier, you should put everything on paper (schematics work well to keep things organized). Installing your system in increments ensures you take care of any potential problems beforehand, instead of finding out when it’s too late; then you would have to break everything down to troubleshoot the issue and fix it. 

Select the Right Software

Although X10’s Activehome software is cheaper than most of the other options on the market, it has limited functionality if you’re installing a more advanced system. It might take some time to learn and get used to, but Powerhome is a great alternative. It’s important you take some time to research different home automation software packages, because this type of program is essentially what’s going to help you control your home. You want to select the right software that matches your wants and needs. 

Set Up a Home Automation Computer

If you’re using Activehome, you won’t have to run your computer 24/7. Otherwise, you will. Once you install the software you’ve selected, attach the Insteon or X10 controller to it. It’s that simple — well, kind of. 

Install Home Automation Modules   

Depending on what you want to control, you’ll have to get a specific module. For example, if you want to automate your home’s lights, you’ll need a lamp module. If you’re in the midst of new home construction, you’ll have the perfect opportunity for this, because you can install these modules as your home is getting built, making life just a bit easier for you. 

Home automation isn’t exactly easy, but with the right research and planning you can control your home from the palm of your hand. 

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