Energy Saving Tips: Spring and Summer

Energy Saving Tips: Spring and Summer
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    Energy efficiency is a great way to help reduce electricity bills and help the environment.

    By reducing energy usage, you can make your home or business more comfortable and efficient.


Spring and summer are coming upon us and there are many different ways to help reduce your energy bill and also help the environment.

Use Your Windows

Using the climate that you live in can help keep heat out of the house. If you live in a place where it cools off at night, turning off your air conditioning and leaving the windows open at night can help keep your house cool and your energy costs low. When you wake up in the morning, close the windows to keep the cool air in the house and reduce your need to turn on the cooling system.

If you live in an area where it does not cool off at night, installing window treatments can help with reducing your need to keep the air conditioning running constantly. There are many different kinds of treatments including blinds, draperies, shades, overhangs, and mesh window screens. Each of these can help eliminate the amount of sunshine coming into your home and they help decorate the house too!

Use Fans and Ventilation

Circulating fans can help you feel more comfortable in your home and are less expensive to run than air conditioners, especially the energy-efficient fans. There are many different kinds of fans that you can use in your house including ceiling fans (must have a ceiling of at least 8ft), window fans, table fans, and floor fans. Depending on the location you put a fan or multiple fans and how many you use in your home, you can get a good circulation of air throughout your home and to save you money from not having to run your air conditioning.  

Lower Water Heater Temperature

Heating your water can take about 14-25% of the energy that your home consumes. Turning down the temperature of your water heater even just a little bit can help save energy. Also, installing low-flow fixtures and energy-efficient appliances that use a lot of water can help lower water and energy bill costs.

One of the most significant ways you can lower water bill costs is by fixing any leaks that you have in the house whether it’s in the faucets, showerheads, or pipes. It has been found that a leak of one drip per second can cost $1 per month, and although that may not seem like much on its own, the cost does build up over time.

Avoid Heat Buildup

Most people do not realize it, but there are many everyday activities that heat up the house. When it becomes increasingly hotter during the spring and summer it is good to be mindful of the activities that generate heat including running major appliances, and even some stereos and televisions. When it comes to major appliances such as dishwashers, washer/dryers, and ovens, it is best to only use them when it is necessary. Only run dishwashers and washers/dryers when you have full loads and try cooking outside on the grill or use the ventilation over your oven hood to help remove the heat.

Use Your Thermostat Efficiently

Setting your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer can help lower your cooling bill just with a small difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Keeping your house warmer while you are away and then turning it lower when you are home is also a helpful thing to do in order to be energy efficient. This is easily achievable with a programmable thermostat and programming it to your schedule. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, remembering to change it every time you leave and get home can be difficult so it would be good for you to set a reminder or leave a note on your door to remember. 

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