Equipping Your Home For Emergencies

Equipping Your Home For Emergencies
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    The best time to prepare for an emergency is before the emergency actually happens.

    Once presented with an emergency situation, it may be too late to gather the items needed or to come up with a meaningful and well thought out plan on the spot and under pressure.


Emergencies in the home are common. This is because we spend a large part of our time in our home, we engage in many different activities in and around our homes and are likely to be in our home when weather and environmental related disasters occur. Weather and environmental events are quite common.

With regard to weather emergencies, anyone who lives in the Midwest or near "Tornado Alley" knows that weather related emergencies can be quite serious. However the west coast knows of the devastation fire, drought and heat can cause and east coasters know a thing or two about snow and floods. Even with the best meteorological technology, the weather report is not always entirely accurate. Sometimes we get hit with an unexpected storm or a storm event may last longer or pack more punch than anticipated. Fires may spread in directions at the last minute due to changes in wind and floods can devastate towns quicker than most think is possible.

What can you do to survive and even thrive in these conditions? You can equip your home with things that will assist in the event of an emergency. 

  • In times of weather or environmental events, a diesel generator may be the best thing you can have in order to continue the functions of your home in the case of a power outage. A diesel generator can be hooked up fairly quickly to provide heat, lighting, and refrigeration for foods. 
  • Several large flashlights should be placed on each floor of your house. Appropriate batteries should be fully stocked in in a location all family members know how to access.
  • Emergency, family, and neighbor’s phone numbers should be written out and placed in an agreed upon spot. Do not count on your cell phone working when you need it and if important numbers are not written down, they may be inaccesible in a state of emergency.
  • A small first aid kit can be helpful. Sure you would call for an ambulance if someone is seriously hurt and the first-responders would provide care for an injured person. However, there may be a situation in which your medical need is not high on the priority list. Having a family first aid kit may come in helpful when professional help is not immediately available.
  • Jugs of water can be helpful if the water to your home is turned off or tainted. Keep enough clean water in your home to drink and cook with for several days. 
  • Aside from preparing your home for emergencies with gadgets and supplies, the number one thing you can do for yourself and your family is to come up with a plan for what to do in case of emergency. Have a family meeting and agree on a meeting place if you were to become separated and decide where to exit and where to run to in case of fire. If an emergency does occur, stick together if possible; recognize this will pass but that supporting each other through this is the primary goal. 

With some forethought, planning, communication and with the purchase of a few items, you can feel more prepared for an emergency in the home. Being prepared for a home emergency is an important first step in managing well if an emergency were to strike.



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