Mold Removal: The Dangers Of Mold and How A Mold Expert Removes It

Mold Removal: The Dangers Of Mold and How A Mold Expert Removes It
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    When you're a homeowner, several responsibilities are on your plate.

    Aside from providing shelter for your family, you should also exhaust time and effort in making sure that they're living in a safe and sanitary home.


You want them to live healthily in your home, not make them susceptible to illnesses and diseases. This is the reason why you should pay attention to mold which is growing or spreading in your home.

Mold can come in any form – it can be seen as little black spots on your shower curtain, white patches on your basement floor and even as an orange film in your kitchen drain. As long as moisture and oxygen are present, mold can be seen in different areas in your home. But regardless of its color or composition, one thing is certain – there are many dangers associated with mold.

The Effects of Mold In Your Home

Mold is actually a fungus which typically grows in warm and moist environments, especially on food and other organic matter. Mold can grow both indoors and outdoors and is considered as a part of a natural environment.

When mold is present outdoors, it can break down into organic dead matter. However, the same doesn’t happen once mold is present indoors.

As much as possible, your home should be free from any type of mold because of the following:

  • Mold can adversely affect your physical health:

    People react differently once they come in contact with mold. Some people might suffer from allergic reactions which can include sneezing, red eyes, and skin rash. Similarly, people who have mold allergies can experience more severe reactions such as shortness of breath.

    A person who has asthma can suffer from an asthma attack once he or she inhales or exhales mold. All of these health effects can worsen if mold isn’t removed as soon as possible.

  • Mold can be linked to depression:

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that mold can be dangerous to your physical health. However, not everyone knows that mold can also affect your mental health.

    In a 2007 study, researchers found out that people living in damp and moldy homes have higher risks of suffering from depressive symptoms which include decreased appetite and sleeping problems. A person who’s always sick due to the exposure of a moldy environment and feels like he can’t get rid of the situation can also suffer from mental illnesses over time.

  • Mold can impact the value of your home:

    If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, mold can become the reason why you’ll either have a hard time finding a buyer or you’ll sell your home at a much cheaper price. Mold can drastically change the appearance of your home’s interior. When mold grows and spreads in your home, it might leave visible marks on the ceilings, floors, and walls.

    A buyer who’s keen into details will notice all of these marks, and as a result, your home will be valued at a lower price. Additionally, having mold in the home might indicate that you have problems with your water source. If you don’t do anything to fix these water problems, you might end up experiencing mold over and over again.

Mold Removal 101: How Do Experts Remove Mold?

Regardless of the price and size of your home, mold can be a problem. Mold can damage your home and property and can put your family’s health at risk. Fortunately, there are now experts whom you can call to remove mold from your home. Precision Mold Removal, for example, provides 24/7 services for your mold removal and mold remediation needs.

Most often than not, experts remove mold by:

  • Inspecting your home:

    After you called the mold removal experts, they would schedule an inspection in your home. During the inspection, experts would check different areas in your home to determine how severe your mold problems are. Experts would also ask questions from you during the inspection so they can have additional information about your mold problems. Most often than not, they would ask about how often the mold appears and in which areas does it usually appear.

  • Assessing the damage:

    Once the inspection has concluded, experts will now have to assess the damage made by mold in your home. This is also the time when they can provide a rough estimate of the cost and duration of the mold removal.

  • Using appropriate mold removal techniques:

    Depending on the gravity of the damage in your home, mold removal experts will have to use several strategies and tools to get the job done. If your home has less mold or mold which is still starting to grow, experts can quickly spray and disinfect the drywall.

    For bigger problems, they might need to disinfect your HVAC, remove the drywall, insulation, and stud in your home, clean all of your personal belongings and conduct HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration.

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Solutions Are Available

Mold can become a re-occurring problem in any home. No matter how expensive or large your home is, it can still be prone to the growth and spread of mold.

If you want to steer away from this direction and control mold in your home, you should consistently check the overall condition of your home.

You should control the humidity levels, fix leaky roofs, pipes and windows, and thoroughly clean and dry areas which are affected by flooding. If you think you’ll need more than DIY solutions for your home’s mold-related problems, go ahead and scout for experts, as well. Their services might be the only solution you’ll need so you can finally enjoy a mold-free home!

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