The Top 7 Renovations You Should Focus on First

The Top 7 Renovations You Should Focus on First
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    When it comes to renovating and remodeling an entire home, simply making a decision on which aspects to improve first can be a challenge.

    There are dozens of components in a home that can be replaced or enhanced.


When it comes to renovating and remodeling an entire home, simply making a decision on which aspects to improve first can be a challenge. There are dozens of components in a home that can be replaced or enhanced to raise the aesthetic and monetary value of the property, so ultimately the choice comes down to what you’re trying to achieve with the renovation.

Whether you’re trying to impress prospective buyers, or simply want to make your home a more comfortable and attractive dwelling, focusing on certain key areas first will ensure that you’re off to a good head start. Below we’ve listed 7 of the most common and useful renovations categorized by area:

The Kitchen

Sprucing up the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to make the biggest impact on some of the more noticeable features of the home. Here are a few renovations you can start with in the kitchen:

1. Upgrading Cabinets and Countertops

Other than the floor and appliances, the kitchen cabinets and counter tops are the most prominent features in any kitchen. While replacing and upgrading is obviously preferable over touching up, sometimes a bit of finish and change in counter top laminate can make a big enough difference to provide an entirely new look. 

2. Adding an Island Bar

Island bars are easy to move around and install in different locations according to your preferences and special needs. Furthermore, there a number of DIY methods that will show you how to build and/or install your own island bar. Of course, having one in your kitchen will instantly double or even triple your available counter space as well, while also adding a nice focal piece to the kitchen floor plan.

The Bathroom

Aside from the kitchen and the living room, the bathrooms will be some of the main areas visitors use to judge the quality and cleanliness of your home. Since bedroom renovation should include more personal choices like furniture additions, we’ve set aside a focus for the bathroom instead:

3. Replacing the Sink and Vanity Set

When you walk into the bathroom, the first things you see are the sink/vanity cabinets, shower, toilet, floors, and walls. Fortunately bringing in a new sink and vanity set is usually relatively affordable and almost anyone can do it.

4. Upgrading the Floor and Wall Tiles

Putting new tiles in the floor and wall of a bathroom is yet another project that can make a huge visual difference, and yet most decently skilled handymen can perform this task on a DIY basis.

5. Adding a Glass Shower Enclosure

Shower curtains are flimsy and cheap-looking in comparison to their glass enclosure counterparts. Fortunately, such enclosures are somewhat affordable and can be easily added to fit well with most showers and tubs. Shower enclosures come in a variety of styles and transparencies, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one to accommodate your privacy and style preferences within a reasonable budget.

The Living Room

In most floor plans, the first areas you’re met with when you walk into a home is the living room. Here are two things you can do to give your common living spaces some edge:

6. Upgrade to a Better Radiator

If you have an unsightly radiator heater taking up space in your living room, consider replacing it with one of the many stylish radiators available. Chances are you’ll be surprised by the abundance of options and variations to choose from.

7. Install Some Laminate Flooring

First and foremost, the quality of the living room floor will be of a primary consideration to anyone who is judging the value of the home, and it’s also the component that will often have the largest impact on the opinions of guests. Installing actual tiles or real hardwood can be costly, but with laminate sheets you can have an amazing hardwood or tile pattern laid out in a matter of hours, and many times the finished look is comparable to the more expensive alternatives.

If you are looking to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or some other area of your home, may we suggest you view our 6-step home remodeling guide for a step-by-step review of the home remodeling process. But first, may we ask for a quick comment/share to help us grow and support this remodeling guide.

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What to Renovate Next?

If you get started with your renovation and remodelling project by focusing on the components mentioned above, you’ll certainly be headed in the right direction, but then again you’ll probably have an urge to continue improving the property as time passes. When deciding which projects should hold priority in the future, be sure to start with those that match up with your goal, whether that be improving comfort, increasing property value, or simply adding a bit of aesthetic appeal. A solid suggestion would be to move on to improving the exterior of the property by focusing on landscaping and/or adding a garden or pond/waterfall.

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