How to Create Flow in Your Home

How to Create Flow in Your Home
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    Flow in the home is something you hear designers talking about and you also read about flow in magazines.

    While that is all fine and wonderful, it can be a whole other thing to create this “flow” in your own space.


Whether you have an open-floor concept or more closed off space, creating flow offers unison from room to room and helps the space blend and make sense. If you’re looking for tips on how you can create flow in your home, you’ll want to read on.

Stick To One Flooring

One thing that can come off jarring and really reduce the flow in a home is to have different flooring in each of the rooms. Using different colors, textures, and materials isolates the various spaces and turn them into more of a standalone space rather than a cohesive home. Instead, it’s a good idea to pick one material, or at least the same color palette, and flow that through the entire space.

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For example, you can visit a place such as Big Warehouse Sale when buying cheap carpets online and then flow that same carpet through all your bedroom spaces. It doesn’t mean each room has to be painted the same, but now you’ve got one basic element that flows throughout. If you want, the rest of the house could be in laminate or hardwood in that same color tone, which will help encourage flow.

Pick One Main Color Group

While it is fun to paint each room a different color, and there’s nothing wrong with that, if you are trying to create flow you’ll want to stick to one color group. By choosing a main color group you’ll be able to add different accents in each room while still staying true to that main color palette. Examples of this include picking a cool color palette such as blue and grey.

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Make Mirrors a Must-Have Design Element

Part of creating flow is creating a space that feels open. Your décor pieces can actually help to achieve this open feel and it can be used all over the house. Mirrors are one of the best tricks to use if you’re hoping to open up a space. When shopping for the perfect mirror make sure you pick one that is substantial in size so you’ll get the full impact and one that fits the style of the room.

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Let Accessories Be The Bold Pop of Color

It can be tempting to add that bold rich color of paint to the walls, but by doing that you can interfere with the flow of the house. Let’s imagine you’ve painted the main spaces of your home a light cool toned grey, then you suddenly paint your dining room bright orange. Obviously, this doesn’t really flow. Instead, you can use those bold colours as accent pieces. It will still be striking and eye-catching, but you’ll find the flow will continue.

Create That Cohesive Space

When you start thinking about the flow in your home you are in fact creating a more cohesive space that will feel more open, inviting, and put together.

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