The Top Three Rooms that Look Best in Stone

The Top Three Rooms that Look Best in Stone
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    Have you considered incorporating stone to the interior design of your home?

    Natural stone creates dramatic decorative focal features, and it adds warmth, sophistication and a touch of grandeur to any room.


Depending on the type of stone you choose, the style it brings to your room can range anywhere from traditional and formal, to rustic and country, to clean and contemporary.

Many places in the house that can be decorated with stone. Stone walls are gorgeous in a hallway or a finished basement. But the best rooms to decorate with stone are the kitchen, the bathrooms and the living room.

The Bathroom

Stone fits into a bathroom’s design with ease. The main element of this room is water and that goes excellently with the natural flavor of stone. Imagine how luxurious it would be to soak in an all-stone tub or shower. Doesn’t that just fit? Use thick, rough stone to create a rustic, natural design, or choose sleek, smooth stone for a more contemporary, elegant look. Since I tend to like the rough and rustic look, I suggest taking a look at yorkstone which is typically considered an outdoor stone.

stone bathroom

One really good thing about stone in the bathroom is that stone handles water so well. Linoleum floors really fail the test of time as water gets under the surface and ruins the material. This is often where you get a gross bathroom feel from. Stone on the other hand lasts through this wear and tear much longer.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather with family for meals, do homework, pay our bills and check our e-mail. Stone belongs here to create a warm, inviting environment in this important room and also to withstand the wear and tear of frequent traffic.

Natural stone, such as granite, marble and quartz are highly sought after kitchen counter top materials because they’re beautiful and durable. But you can use stone on more than just the counter top. Consider applying stone to other places in the kitchen, such as in the space over the cabinets, on the walls of the island, or on the backsplash. Here you can compliment a smooth granite countertop with a coarser texture.

the kitchen

The Living Room

Whether or not you have a fireplace, you can use stone to bring warmth and style to your living space. A stacked stone feature wall, for example, would be a stunning and unique design feature in your living room. Consider using natural stone on the floor. Set a formal style with a checkerboard of marble. Use polished stone arranged in a geometric pattern for the look of an elegant Italian palazzo. Create a rugged, natural look with slate.

stone fireplace

A stone fireplace is such an excellent choice for the colder months, or just cold summer nights because the stone acts as a conduit for heat. The stone radiates out the heat stored from the fire. This age old heating secret will be an excellent touch to any home.

Decorating with stone in your interior brings your design to a new level of luxury and sophistication while lending a peaceful, natural atmosphere to your home.

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