Statement Making Stylish Storm Doors

Statement Making Stylish Storm Doors
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    It used to be that when you ordered a storm door for your home, you got two choices: drab and even drabber still.


The drabbest doors featured a small, glass area with a plain aluminum panel bottom. That panel often got dented or scuffed, taking away from the look of your home. The more tolerable doors are mostly glass, but may do little to accentuate the main door. Fortunately, designers have worked on the latter option to produce storm doors that add pop to any entranceway, delivering a look that is at once elegant and interesting, an attractive update that can be had for around $500.

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The problem with traditional storm doors is that they often took away from the expensive entry door. You paid $1,000 to $3,000 for a beautiful front door, but its beauty has been hidden by an ugly storm door. By getting rid of the storm door problem, you can overcome that misfortune to deliver a look that will wow your visitors as well as add value to your home.

When looking for a new storm door, choose one that has a narrow aluminum frame encasing a full top to bottom all-glass view. Then, select the hardware that really will make this door stand out, avoiding the plain black handles and key hole slots that are typically used. Instead, choose a high-polished brass finish, one that enhances the look of the door and gives your home a more refined look. You’ll pay more for this option, but will come away with a better all-around look.

Installation Tips

When replacing a storm door, this is a project you can handle yourself. Choose a more expensive door and hardware to reflect your savings, and install your storm door as follows:

1. Remove the current storm door. You will need a hammer, a screwdriver as well as a marking pencil, a tape measure and a drill to complete this job. First, remove the current door from its frame, setting it to the side. Then, put the new door in place, pulling the frame tight against the hinge side of the door. You may need assistance to do this right. Take your marking pencil and then draw a reference line along the molding and follow the door’s outline.

2. Put the storm door in place. There will be some gap between the hinge side of the door and the reference line. Use spacer strips if the gap is wide enough where the door must be fitted with precision. Add spacers by removing the door, putting the strip in place and using casing nails to secure same.

3. Secure the storm door. Drill pilot holes into the molding with the storm door now in place. Attach the frame with mounting screws allowing for one-foot spacing between each screw.

How To Install a Storm Door – The Home Depot:

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4. Remove spacer clips. With the storm door now firmly in place, remove the remaining spacer clips. Drill pilot holes and attach the frame on the latching side of the door. Take a penny and use that to ensure that the gap between the frame and the door is even all around.

5. Finishing up. Your last steps will have you centering the top section of the storm door frame and adjusting the bottom sweep. Install the door hardware and check the door to ensure that is shuts tightly and securely.

Door Considerations

When shopping for a storm door, choose one of aluminum construction for lightweight installation ease and long-term durability. Most doors that offer full-length glass also offer a full-length screen. That screen should be designed to keep bugs from getting into your home.


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