5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Your Renovations

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start Your Renovations
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    No matter how large your home is, there is always room for some sort of renovating to be done.

    And while most would love to have a renovation project go just as envisioned more often than not the project doesn’t turn out like you wanted.


So whether you want to remodel your kitchen or add a new room to your home, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before starting a large renovation project. By following these tips below the odds of a successful renovation project will increase greatly.

Talk with the Professionals

No matter how much you know about renovating a home, there’s probably an expert that will know more.  Before you even pick up a sledgehammer, talk with a few professional contractors in the area to see what they have to say.  They will let you know about the practices, the process and they can point you in the right direction.  It’s also wise to decide whether you want to leave it up to the professionals or do it yourself.

Create a Plan

Most renovating projects can get expensive.  So if you have a budget, you will want to know exactly how much you’re going to spend.  Before you even buy your first batch of materials, draw up a dummy plan on paper.  While it doesn’t have to be perfect, it will give you a good idea how much the materials and labor will cost. When drawing up a budget it is wise to estimate on the high end of costs as typically renovation projects run over budget due to the fact that homeowners under estimate costs in the planning stage.

Resale Value

When most people renovate, many do it for their own personal pleasure.  Some also do it to help increase their home value.  If you have your home value in mind, be sure to know if this particular project is going to help with your home value.  Adding granite countertops, new flooring and an upgraded bathroom can add a few extra dollars to your home’s equity.

Work Crews

If you do decide to hire out the work, get to know your contractor and work crew first.  It’s important to become very comfortable with them so that you can trust them with their pricing and material buying.  Any good contractor will be licensed and will have great referrals.

Figure out Savings

Touching upon the point that was brought up earlier, it’s important to distinguish a budget to decide how much you want to spend.  When spending your money, be sure to question your decisions.  Do you really need that $300 light fixture?  Can the upgraded slate countertops wait?  There are many ways to cut corners, so make sure that you know how to save big.

Permits and Zoning

Most big renovation projects are going to require permits from the city.  Plan ahead of time to know exactly what permits you’re going to need to complete the job.  A contractor will also give you a good idea what permits are going to be required before they start the work.

By finding a good contractor and planning ahead of time, you will quickly find that your project can go according to plan.  Simply by implementing the tips above, there’s no reason you can’t have a new home look within a few weeks of the project starting.

Amy Burweigh works in marketing and real estate for Aim Your Way. For over 20 years AIM has provided a variety of property services including field services, property maintenance and preservation related services. More information can be found at aimyourway.com



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