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Energy Savings

Go Green in Style: A Guide of Eco-Friendly Interior Design

If you’re getting ready to restore, renovate, or redecorate a space, have you considered any eco-friendly interior design options? In the past, eco-friendly was often associated with “green interior design” that emphasized dull, bland, or just plain weird options that were often cost-prohibitive.

Garden Plants

Gardening 101: How to Make a Closed Terrarium

People who live in large cities are forced to live without almost any touch with the nature. This is especially hard for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Home Interior Design

How to Make Indoor Gardens Fear Your Botany Powers

Tweet All it takes is a windowsill in a sunny location of the house or a bare side table to set up an indoor garden. But indoor gardening poses a

Home Interior Design

Redecorating Right: Tips for Making the House Feel Fresh

One of the keys to keeping your living space pleasant is to periodically update the look. If you keep the same look year after year, it will begin to get old after a while, no matter how beautiful it is.

Home Safety

8 Smart Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

And baby makes three. Life as you know it as a childless couple is now over. That’s okay — you now have a little bundle of joy to love and care for, an infant in arms who will soon be a toddler on the go.