Need More Room? Four Reasons Remodeling May be Better than Moving

Need More Room? Four Reasons Remodeling May be Better than Moving
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    For homeowners who have lived in their home for several years, there often comes a time when they must face the decision to either remodel or move when more room is needed on the property.


As a home ages, the style and functionality of the property can become outdated, making a move or a remodel a practical decision to obtain more space. Although having a fresh start is tempting, remodeling may be a better option due to certain factors that are involved.Is Building a Home in Your Future How to Make this Dream a Reality

1. Less Risk Involved With Remodeling

An estimated 15 million homeowners owe more on their mortgage than they can earn from selling their home, making moving a poor decision that can result in major financial loss. It is also more difficult to sell now than it was in prior years due to more competition with 36 percent more properties on the market. Remodeling will not only increase your home’s value, but can even cost less than moving due to building materials that are more affordable in today’s economy. Construction companies are also much more willing to negotiate with estimates just to get your business.

2. Remodeling is an Easier Option

Between finding a real estate agent to moving all of your personal belongings to a new home, it can take up to a year to complete the moving process and finally become settled again. Remodeling requires a minimal amount of work on the homeowner’s behalf and only requires them to stay out of the construction area and place extra belongings in a garage or in a local place such as a storage facility in Gretna. Depending on the room additions, it can also take several weeks to months to complete for a practical and quick timeframe.

3. It’s More Affordable to Remodel

Expanding the size of your home with a remodel project will generally cost less than trading up to a larger home. Adding an extra dining room to a home can cost an average of $49,000, while moving to a different home with the same type of dining room is estimated to have a price tag of $155,000. Moving to a larger home also includes extra expenses that involve closing costs, agent fees, moving supplies, and rental trucks.

4. Great Neighborhood

Finding a neighborhood that you feel really comfortable in can be difficult. If you love your neighborhood and the people in it then that may be a good enough reason to remodel and stay instead of leave. If you either hate your neighborhood or are disinterested then it is a good opportunity to get out and try to find a great neighborhood where you feel like you belong. Some neighborhoods have rules and codes that may prevent you from being able to remodel in the first place, so if you are staying then make sure a remodel is doable in your location.

Remodeling can also allow you to have more of an advantage with the features and style that you prefer for a home that includes more of your preferences. You’ll have the option to design the layout, color schemes, and extra features like a skylight or walk-in closet



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