Build a Room to Stimulate your Children

Build a Room to Stimulate your Children
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    With the myriad of distractions that are on offer to children such as computer games, television shows and ever-improving technologies, it can be incredibly difficult to influence them to complete their homework or partake in tasks that can develop their learning.


Many children will react negatively to being forced to do additional work and may come to resent learning and the effort that they are expected to put in. However, there are ways to craft and create a safe-haven that positively reinforces the benefits of being studious in a subtle way that could encourage your children to develop their skills and learn new things.

Create a Sense of Freedom

It is important to help a child understand that they are learning and developing their skillsets on their own accord without the forceful fist of a guardian. To create this sense of freedom the room must feel open and there must be no sense of oppression. An ideal room would a conservatory so that windows surround the child, allowing them to see the outside world and feel inspired by it. Do not lock the external door, so if the child wants to meander in the garden, they are free to do so.

Give the Child the Gift of Autonomy

Design the room so any number of activities can be carried out – music, art, mathematics, reading – as the child wishes to do so. The final choice of what the day’s activity will be should be down to the child, allowing them to succinctly express themselves in the way in which they best feel fit. Store all of the necessary equipment in neat black high gloss cupboards and allow the child the autonomy to choose for his or herself what they feel like doing today. Schedules and rotas will only build a sense of obligation and effectively an entitled resentment.

Be Inspirational

Rather than decorating the room in the style of your child’s current level of education, give them something to aspire to. If they are currently reading at the level of a 7 year old, paint quotes from books aimed at 8 year olds on the wall. These quotes could pique the interest of the child and inspire them to increase their reading level. Once a book from which a quote is attributed is read, the quote can be painted over giving the child a sense of accomplishment and completion. If the child enjoys painting, decorate the room with beautiful pieces of art in styles that your child in as yet unaware of to enhance their knowledge of all forms.

Create Targets

Many children have a naturally competitive streak and yearn to impress their elders. Create a star system on the ceiling in the guise of the universe. Every time that a child completes a task, a new star is added to the star system. This can help build a sense of accomplishment for the child and create a beautiful centrepiece for the room.

Involve the Child at Every Step

Get your child involve when creating the room, listen to his or her advice and ideas. This a room where the child may spend many hours so it is important that it reflects them as a little human being and they feel personally attached to every aspect of the room.



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