One of Life’s Greatest Inventions: the Washing Machine

One of Life’s Greatest Inventions:  the Washing Machine
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    You know the drill!

    It is a weekly, sometime daily task to do the laundry.


You know the drill! It is a weekly, sometime daily task to do the laundry.  It can become a more tedious chore when you have active children coming home with soiled clothes from sport and outdoor play.

But who’s complaining? At least ‘doing laundry’ is must easier than days of old. Gone are the washboards and hand beating of clothes.  The invention of automated washing machines in the late 30’s simplified the process.  It is not uncommon today to operate a laundry load after each play day from the kids.  You know the drill … sort – load – and turn it on. One of the greatest inventions to make life easier.

Choosing a Machine

What is the best washing machine for your home style?  There are basically two types of washing machines to choose from with variations on both:

  • Top-Loading Machines

    As the name specifies, you load the clothes from the top into a basin tub.  The agitator in the middle motions back and forth creating a movement of water and cleaning agent. Gravity keeps the water in the tub so many top loader machines have flip open doors that can remain open if needed.

    The advantage of top loaders is the simplicity of the machine – meaning less repairs overall.  The disadvantage is the amount of water required to operate the cleaning process. 

  • Front-Loading Machines

    Similar to the top loading machine but turned horizontally. The tub is horizontal where the clothes must be loaded from a front door.  The agitation is a back-and-forth rotation that uses gravity to drop clothes and water in a flexing motion that cleans clothes. 

    The big advantage of front-loaders is the use of less water and detergent – about 1/3rd less than top loaders. They also spin faster to extract as much water from clothes, thus lessening the drying time.  

    The single disadvantage is water leakage.  Front loaders come with a door seal that may require replacement if water begins leaking. It is recommended to use a floor drain with an overflow catch tray for front loaders. 

There are coming new technologies of hybrid design washing machines.  These include front-loading mechanized machines loaded from the top and combo washer and dryer machines. But if you are looking for the best washing machines reviews, consider the energy efficiency of front-loading machines.   

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