Laundry Renovations 101: What To Do And How To Do It

Laundry Renovations 101: What To Do And How To Do It
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    The laundry is one of the spaces in the house that homeowners use most of the time.

    It's part of daily life, and it's hard to imagine a home without one.

    However, most homeowners don't give the laundry much attention during renovation projects, unlike the kitchen and bathroom.


Although the laundry is not a space that guests will spend time in, having a functional yet stylish laundry can be advantageous and make you appreciate the area even more.

When your laundry room is in disarray and lacks some of the essentials that will allow you to handle your laundry efficiently, it might be time for a renovation project.

Similar to improving the kitchen or bathroom, laundry renovation would require you to create a budget to avoid overspending.

Luckily, there are ways you can have the ideal space once you decide to renovate your laundry. Here are several valuable tips you should consider trying.

Set A Good Budget

If you’re going for a major overhaul, you should work on a budget covering the basics, such as the following:

  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Drying rack
  • Sink
  • Shelves for laundry products

Most of these can come with a high price tag, so it might be best to spend time shopping around to find the best deals suitable to get the perfect laundry room on a budget.

Get The Right Appliances And Fixtures

Depending on your family’s size, it’s more economical to deal with one large laundry load instead of several separate washes. If you have a big household or have to do laundry more often, you should consider getting a large-capacity washing machine or even an extra one. Don’t forget to get a dryer that will come in handy during rainy days or emergencies.

A hanging rack is an environmentally friendly way to dry your clothes indoors. A ceiling-mounted rack can keep the floor area clear, freeing up some space in your laundry room.

Investing in a double sink is a good move and will provide ample space for handwashing, soaking, and bleaching. Go for one with mixer taps, particularly a model with a spray option to clean large items in the sink. A deep sink is also an important consideration that allows you to soak clothes and hand-wash delicate fabrics.

As for its quality, the sink should be able to endure corrosion from constant exposure to moisture and laundry chemicals. It would be best to get draining boards to ensure a sturdy surface when applying pre-wash stain treatments or scrubbing.

Choose The Proper Flooring

If your renovation project involves flooring, opt for something that’s easy to clean, durable, nonslip, and waterproof. The flooring should also slope to a drain in case spills occur.

Ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring are ideal options available in different patterns, colors, and finishes.

laundry utility sinkvinyl wood floor for laundry room

      some laundry room ideas to consider      

Change The Lighting

An affordable and quick way to add life to your laundry is to switch to new light fixtures. Lighting can alter the mood, appearance, and overall ambiance of a space without breaking your budget.

The lighting in the laundry doesn’t have to be all white. You can add warm illumination to make it more inviting. To achieve this, use energy-efficient downlights along with flush mounts. Additionally, you can consider under-cabinet lighting, track lights, or long ceiling lights.

Maximize Storage

If you’re going to renovate your laundry, always prioritize its functionality. The area should look good but also make your life easier. An important consideration during your renovation project is storage. A typical laundry holds various chemical products that are not safe when out in the open.

The best way to hide your laundry essentials while keeping them accessible at all times is to install some cabinets, floating shelves, and baskets. Floating shelves are a wonderful ideal alternative to full cabinets, while woven baskets can add a touch of style while keeping all your laundry supplies in order.

In case you already have cabinets installed, you can retrofit them instead of getting new ones. Painting them a new color and changing certain parts like their handles are enough to give them an upgrade.

Switch Out The Benchtop

Most contemporary benchtops are made of lacquered wood, laminate, or marble and feature a contrasting color or material that can be especially attractive in a white laundry room.

If you have a limited budget, you can go for granite laminate to impart a dash of color to an ordinary space. Regardless of the style you prefer, make sure it’s resistant to constant moisture.

mudroom shoe storagelaundry sorter

      some laundry management ideas to consider      

Stack Or Group The Washer And Dryer

For those who don’t have a lot of space to spare in their homes, a good option is to install a washing machine and dryer you can stack on top of one another. One more option is to get a set of front-loading appliances you can fit under a benchtop.

Doing any of those will help free up space on every side of the sink and create a designated dry area where you can fold and sort clothes. The extra space might be what your laundry needs without requiring you to spend money on updating the shelves and cabinetry.

Display Some Artwork

When you put up artwork in your laundry, it can effectively upgrade the space and make it more inviting. Select artwork that reflects your personality and taste so you’ll feel comfortable when doing laundry.

If you’re feeling creative, you can add a striking element such as wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to try out something new and make the most of various types of artworks available to you according your budget.


Place A Runner Or Rug In The Room

In most homes, the laundry room often has a cold and sterile ambiance. It’s usually an overlooked space where family members dump their clothes.

Adding a stylish runner or rug will allow you to create an inviting environment. As with artworks, you can find a good selection of runners and rugs to choose from that come at affordable prices.

Add Greenery

In damp spaces in the house, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry, adding a touch of green is vital. The addition of plants can impart a feeling of nature.

Once you place a plant with vibrant leaves in the corner or a pot of clustering plants on a shelf, it can make a big difference in the overall vibe of your laundry room.

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Renovating your laundry is an excellent move in order to make it an inviting yet functional space. Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a boring or tedious chore.

Once you renovate your laundry with the help of these valuable tips, you can look forward to accomplishing the task in a comfortable space. So start planning your laundry room renovation.

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