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Flooring Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 02: 4 Flooring Options for When Your Kids Have Grown Up and Left Home

You have a number of options when picking your main material for your next construction project.You need a material that can hold up to Mother Nature and last for a long time. You also need a material that will look good.


7 Tips to Select the Right Flooring for Your Remodel

Remodeling your home is a big step to take. You have to spend weeks or months planning which rooms you want to change and which projects are your biggest priority. Then you have to come up with a budget before reaching out to contractors to compare prices.


Using Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom: The Pros and Cons

Everything you install in your home is an investment. You need it to last long and to serve you for a very long time. Tiling your shower stall makes it very beautiful and easy to clean.


Tile or Wood Flooring – What is the Right Choice for You?

Wood flooring has once again overtaken tile flooring in popularity. There are many advantages to wood flooring, but tile flooring still has some advantages of its own. Learn which one is best for you by comparing the pros and cons for each type of flooring.


How to Choose Proper Flooring during a Renovation

Have you ever needed to consider doing some installation on new flooring around your home? If that is the case, then there are many choices you can work with on the current market, from laminate to wood and tiles among other things.

Living/Family Room

Why You Should Install Tile in Your Living Area

Tweet They would say that living rooms should be comfortable and inviting, and a nice, plushy carpet will set the appropriate atmosphere where a tile floor will not. Then there