Why You Should Install Tile in Your Living Area

Why You Should Install Tile in Your Living Area
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    Tile, hardwood, or carpet: it’s a raging debate.

    Tile flooring in the living room is becoming more and more popular, but there are still many people who prefer carpet or, at the very least, hardwood floors with an area rug.


They would say that living rooms should be comfortable and inviting, and a nice, plushy carpet will set the appropriate atmosphere where a tile floor will not.

Then there are those who put in tile flooring for aesthetic purposes. Tile can be sleek, contemporary, rustic, classy, and a whole host of other “looks” if complemented with the right home décor. Every homeowner will ask for different flooring depending on their floor plan, lifestyle, and property location.

Tile is more of a regional style at this point—more humid climates tend to have tile in their living areas as well as kitchens and bathrooms, whereas homes in colder areas like the Northwestern United States are more prone to put carpet in front rooms to keep it more insulated. But tile’s popularity is slowly growing in every part of the United States, and in the end, the decision is up to you.
Is tile the best choice for your home?


  • Easy to Clean: Tile is very easy to keep clean; all it takes is a quick sweep and mop. Carpet, on the other hand, needs to be steam-cleaned on a regular basis to stay looking new. Even hardwood flooring requires more maintenance—it streaks more easily and sometimes requires special cleaning products.
  • Durability: If it is installed correctly, tile will last for decades. Some types may chip or crack, but most hold up exceptionally well under normal wear and tear. In comparison, hardwood scratches easily and so might not be the best choice if you have young children or pets.
  • Health Benefits: Tile will not collect germs like carpet does. People with allergies might want to consider installing tile instead of carpet, especially in areas of high traffic like living spaces.
  • Décor: Tile comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. From natural stone like granite and marble to ceramic or porcelain, there is a style of tile for everyone! Whether your front area is open and inviting, cozy and rustic, or classy and modern, you can find the appropriate tile for your personal style. Go to any flooring store (Edmonton’s tile stores are a good option, if you’re in the area) and browse their selection—and if you have any questions, the manufacturers will know what tile is best for your specific needs.
  • Temperature: Some people say that tile is cold in the winter, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s true that tile is probably a better option in warmer, more humid areas like Florida or up the East Coast, but tile works anywhere as long as you put down an area rug in the winter or install heated flooring before you lay the tile.
  • Cost: Tile flooring is conducive to any budget. It can range from some of the most inexpensive flooring on the market to some of the most expensive, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.


  • Grout: Keeping the grout between the tiles clean can be difficult. Tile might be an easy mop job, but if you have small children or pets that will bring in dirt or be prone to spilling or accidents, the grout may stain easily and make your floor look grimy.
  • Hardness: Another complaint many people have with tile is its hardness. Carpet is softer and more inviting, especially for young children who spend time playing in the living areas. Again, an area rug with padding underneath will solve the problem, but ultimately it’s up to you, and what makes your home feel like home.
  • Temperature: Yes, tile can be cold, so if you live somewhere with cold winters and can’t afford heated flooring, tile might not be the best option.
  • Noise: Tile can also be noisy, especially with more open house plans. If you’re worried about noise, find an area rug to put in the center of the room. This will leave a tile edge around the room but will deaden the sound of feet and voices.

Ultimately, your choice of flooring depends on what you want and need. Let the debaters debate…you decide what would be best for your home and go for it.

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