Keeping It Small: Compact Appliances

Keeping It Small: Compact Appliances
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    If you enjoy entertaining guests in your home and welcome your visitors to your finished basement, Florida room or other all-purpose room, you understand the importance of having food and drinks at the ready.

    In times past, an old refrigerator or stove might have done it, but those appliances were big, bulky and consumed a lot of energy.


Small units offer a big impact.

Today, a variety of compact appliances have been developed, offering convenience and efficiency on a smaller footprint. Read on and we will look at some of the more popular compact appliances for your consideration.

Compact Refrigerators

Forget about moving your old kitchen refrigerator to your basement or garage. That unit is old, an energy pig and noisy. Today’s compact refrigerators offer a surprising amount of room, or at least just enough for you to entertain your guests without running back and forth to the kitchen.

You can find one that is large enough to hold your drinks and offers a separate freezer compartment and room on the door to chill your drinks. Place it in a tight space and enjoy this unit’s energy efficiency and convenience.

Ice Makers

Perhaps refrigerating food is not a requirement, but keeping drinks cold is. Leave the heavy and bulky ice cooler chest for outdoor and leisure activities, while deploying an ice maker to serve your needs.

Ice makers are ideal for bars, offices, family rooms and other entertainment spaces. Get ice cubes quickly and choose the size cube you need for the occasion. Ice makers are ideal for people that entertain frequently, serving up to 35 pounds of fresh cubes daily. That amount will ensure that your guests never go wanting!

Microwave Ovens

No need to move a bulky kitchen stove down into the basement or have it take up too much space in your Florida room. Microwave ovens have been around for decades and are a popular fixture in entertainment areas.

If you lack room, a compact microwave measuring just 0.6 cubic feet can be ideal for any room. Heat up popcorn, snacks or warm up a meal. Tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate can also be handled. With more room you can stock a larger microwave, handling complete meals without need of the kitchen.

Climate Control

Heaters and air conditioners are essential for maintaining climate control in rooms where both are lacking or in short supply. Today’s units are compact, portable and very reasonably priced, making it possible to enjoy any room in comfort.

For heaters, your choices include an oscillating tower heater, a unit that makes use of ceramic heating technology to spread heat evenly and efficiently around the room. You can also choose a vortex heater, an oil radiator heater or a micathermic heater, the latter perfect for tight spaces. And don’t forget a halogen patio heater, ideal for your outdoor entertainment needs.

For air-conditioners, there is no need to worry about ventilation as today’s units feature self-evaporative systems. Cool any room quietly and efficiently, choosing the fan speed for the moment. Such units also clean the air, removing microbes that can irritate your lungs and make you sick.

Compact Appliances

Choose the compact appliance that is right for you. Review the warranties offered and understand the electrical requirements. Most units can easily be plugged into a 120-volt outlet, with no excess drainage of electricity unlike that big, bulky unit you had considered earlier.

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Kurt Cerrato has extensive experience in home appliance design. He enjoys keeping up with the latest technologies and sharing his experience through blogging.



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