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4 Tips for Finding the Right Home Loan

Purchasing a home can be an exciting and fun experience. However, finding the ideal property is just one of several steps in the process.

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What You Need to Know About Zero Down Payment Loans

Tweet Prior to the Great Recession zero down payment home loans or mortgages were available, what helped many consumers attain homeownership, people who would might otherwise have been shut out


Home Mortgage Rates Near 60 Year Low

Tweet Buying a home now could save you thousands. The interest rate on 30-year home mortgages continues to drop, falling to an average of 4.32 percent according to Bankrate.com. [1]

Home Financing

An Overview of Loan Modification Program

Tweet It is often seen that borrowers are not able to cope with the terms and conditions of the existing loan. Considering the inability of the borrowers to repay the

Home Financing

Should I Refinance Now or Wait?

Tweet Homeowners who haven’t refinanced over the past several years may believe they missed out on a good thing. Certainly, if you refinanced before the market crash of 2008, there