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Heating and Cooling

Boiler vs Furnace — What’s the Difference?

Two of the most common systems for heating a building are a boiler and a furnace. Both systems use a fuel source such as natural gas, oil, propane or electricity to function.

Heating and Cooling

The Importance of Having Your Heater Professionally Maintained

As a homeowner, finding ways to save money on maintaining your home is probably important to you. From calculating energy costs as a way to lower your utility bills to tackling home repair projects on your own, you might always be looking for ways to stretch your budget.

Heating and Cooling

Home Tune-Ups: How to Ready your House for Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year. It has nice warm weather, the trees and the flowers start to come alive, and you can finally open the windows in your home to let in the nice, warm, and fresh air.

Heating and Cooling

Simple Fix: 4 Normal Heating Issues That Are Easily Remedied

If your furnace isn’t working, it can be a bit scary. Heating system repairs aren’t cheap, and if you wind up needing a new furnace, it will cost you thousands of dollars. But many furnace issues are actually caused by problems that are easy to fix.

Heating and Cooling

Get a Handle on Your Home Heating Costs

Tweet Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs immediately. There are also various low- and high-cost solutions, what you may want to explore as your


Den in Disarray? Smart Organizing Tips!

Tweet A den adds value to a home, but it can also become an organization nightmare if yours is not in order. Let’s take a look at several smart organizing

Home Interior

Spring Home Renovation Projects You Can Plan Today

The weather outside is nasty with snow, freezing rain and slush making venturing about an arduous and miserable task. It is about this time of the season where people’s patience is most tested as the reality of weeks more of enduring a wintry blast come into play.

Heating and Cooling

You Can Reduce Your High Winter Heating Bills

You can expect several more months of winter heating bills, but your future expenses don’t have to be as high as last month’s bill.

Energy Savings

6 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

Tweet How to save money on heat. The months of December through March can have a big impact on your budget. And it isn’t just celebrating Christmas that can pressure

Attic Home Interior

How to Renovate an Attic Bonus Room

Tweet Homeowners who are pressed for space, but not desiring to change the footprint or size of their home, should look up. As in their attic space. Most homes have

Rec Room

Counting the Cost of Basement Conversion

Tweet One area of the home just ripe for conversion is the basement or what some people call the “cellar,” especially if it is unfinished. If you have a basement,