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Parents Moving In? 4 Tips On Renovating Your Home For The Elderly

Tweet However, many families in this situation have found that their home needs renovations to accommodate the aging residents who are moving in. We’re delighted to pass along these 4

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4 Tips for Surviving the Sandwich Generation Years

You have young children and aging parents, a full time job, and probably a couple of pets to boot. You belong to what’s called the sandwich generation: wedged between parents who are beginning to need assistance and your own growing children.

Home Safety

A Dream Home for The Elderly Must Include Safety Rails

When preparing to care for your elderly, certain modifications are necessary in the modern houses we live in nowadays. In modern society, most people have established their families in apartments that have numerous narrow staircases.

Home Furniture

What to Consider When Installing Lift Chairs for the Elderly

If you have an elderly person in your care, especially with one who has trouble moving about in the house due to health problems such as movement issues, where moving up or down a stairway presents a health hazard there might be a need for a lift chair.

Home Structure

Simple Steps to Make Your House Disability Friendly

As you can imagine, a standard home with flights of stairs, narrow corridors and small bathrooms can hardly be considered accessible to friends and family who are on wheelchair, use walkers or suffer from a different mobility impairment.

Home Structure

Steps Towards Modernity: Elevators and Modern Homes

Elevators inside the house? Sounds fairly far-fetched, and extremely pricy. Why would you need an elevator in the first place?

Home Maintenance

Importance of Elevator Maintenance to Ensure Smooth Transportation

Today, high rise buildings are the norms and this is very common in developed nations across the globe. In such a building, a transportation car is used to help the residents to reach the ground floor and this happens due to the smooth functioning of an elevator.


Top Transition Tips for Families – Moving with Seniors

Moving into a new home is never too easy, especially if you’re moving with seniors. Moving homes with a senior gives you a separate sort of challenges since many seniors are restricted when it comes to physical activity due to ageing bones.

Renovation Designs

Four Features in Senior Homes to Consider Adding to Your Home before Old Age

"Senior homes" come in a number of levels depending on the needs and desires of the residents. Making a detailed list of what is required helps enormously with making the right decision when the time comes.