Top Transition Tips for Families – Moving with Seniors

Top Transition Tips for Families – Moving with Seniors
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    Moving into a new home is never too easy, especially if you’re moving with seniors.

    Moving homes with a senior gives you a separate sort of challenges since many seniors are restricted when it comes to physical activity due to ageing bones.


Here are some top tips to help you when you’re moving a home with an elderly person in the family. Following these tips will allow you to become stress free, and will enable your elderly family member to participate in the moving process in his or her own capacity.

Check out the tips:

1. Discuss Questions and Concerns Related to the Move

When you’re moving to a new home, it is important to have a family session where everyone talks out the challenges and openly take questions about moving. Start questions and concerns from the elderly family member to encourage them and to make sure they don’t feel left out. Involving the elderly person can help you understand their concerns so you can answer and solve them accordingly. Once you understand their point of view, you can better offer suggestions and help.

2. Support them at all times

Since most senior citizens have low endurance levels and have restricted physical movement due to age or health; it is important you support them at all times. Help them with lifting heavy or large objects. Make sure you fulfill all their needs so they feel they are doing their part well without feeling guilty or depressed.

3.  Help them reduce their belongings

Most elderly people like to hang on to age old belongings. Encourage them to let go of unnecessary items without being pushy. Explain to them how it’s going to be easier to move to a new home without carrying extra weight. Ask them about things they may want to dispose off, give to relatives or donate. Help them to separate these things categorically to ease the moving stress.

4. Keep them involved

Let them do their part; ask them for suggestions about placing a certain item in the new home while packing so you can pack the item accordingly. This will keep them busy and engaged during the entire moving process.

5. Help them to sort things

Help your elderly family member with sorting old photos and other important documents. Give them assurance that the photos and important documents will go with them, and need to be packed well in advance so they can take their good time packing things. Talking about moving and how it’s going to be great experience together is a good way to keep your elderly family member away from depression and guilt.

6. Take care of their special needs

It is important that you take care of all the special needs of your elderly family member. When moving out, make sure you’ve arranged for a wheelchair if needed, well in advance for your new home. Also, have bars installed in walls at various places in your home if your family member needs support while walking. Make sure you’ve packed all essential items for them such as their medicines and snacks handy too, if the commute time to the new home is long.

7. Hire a Moving Company

Local movers provide families with moving help. This is especially beneficial for families who are moving with seniors. These companies take care of all the packing and unpacking, so you can put majority of your focus on the needs of your family member. This way, your senior family member feels important and doesn’t feel neglected.
These simple tips can help ease moving stress and smooth transition for you and your entire family. Your senior family member too, will happily look forward to moving to your new home.

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