ideas: Why a Continued Flooded Basement

Why a Continued Flooded Basement

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basement flood

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Not again – the basement is flooded


  • One of the worst home events that can happen, you find that your basement has flooded.
  • Why again? It could be the plumbing pipes that have broken or has aged over time.
  • It might be time to call a plumber to inspect the piping: find plumbing services
  • Another issue with flooded basements may be the table water in your area – that is where a sump comes into play – it pumps out water that seeps into the low part of the basement: how sump works
  • But if your foundation is weak or cracked, rising table water from rain or snow can seep into the basement. Get your foundation inspected: find foundation inspectors
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basement flood

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It’s the water heater again


  • Tank water heaters are generally housed in the basement – and they can flood.
  • Any overheating – aged pipes – sentiment build-up in the tank – etc., can cause a flood.
  • It is best to discuss the problem with a technician who can inspect and install a drip pan for water heaters: find technician
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basement flood

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Not the washer again


  • The latest washing machines are better built – they will seldom leak.
  • But there is a possibility that your washing machine may have a faulty part or hose intake/outtake breakage that will cause a slight flood.
  • It may be time to replace the washing machine hoses – they do wear down over time.
  • You might also consider placing a drip pan underneath the washer – a nice flood prevention in the event of machine breakage: find appliance technician
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basement flood

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That darn toilet – and other


  • Basements toilets are at the lowest point in the house – if you experience a drainage problem – either inside or outside of the house – your toilet may flood.
  • It might be time to inspect your drains – especially the drainage line that carries water away from the house.
  • Outside drainage lines can get clogged by tree roots and other underground debris that seep into the line: find drainage inspectors
  • Toilets can also flood when children place toys or other non-flushable items in the toilet.
  • Time to have a discussion with your children about items that should not be placed in the toilet: what not to flush down the toilet
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