ideas: What Qualifies as an Eco-Friendly House?

What Qualifies as an Eco-Friendly House?

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Making your home eco-friendly!


  • Everyone would like to have an eco-friendly home – it is a matter of cost vs. benefit.
  • The first least expensive thing we can do is participate in recycling programs of the community.
  • Next we can install energy efficient light bulbs to reduce electricity use.
  • Then we can look at other options with prices drop for solar panels, wind energy and electric cars.
  • So become eco-friendly in steps.
  • What comments can you share?

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eco-friendly home

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Solar panels on side of house


  • When we think of solar, we think of solar panels placed on our roofs.
  • But solar panels can be placed anywhere is full sunny locations to drive down your costs of energy.
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wind turbines

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Harnessing the power of wind


  • Wind power may or may not work in your situation – depending on area and neighborhood.
  • But if you live in remote locations with plenty of wind, you might consider the use of
    wind turbines as part of your green energy use.
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Geothermal Energy


  • The latest in geothermal energy allows you to harness the energy conditions below your home.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling can reduce your dependence on outside energy (see more info).
  • What comments can you share?

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planting trees

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Planting a variety of trees


  • Planting trees are a great asset to any eco-friendly home.
  • Trees provide shade – environment protection – and in some case, food sources in fruits and nuts.
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