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Closet Systems

Managing Your Closet Ties and Scarfs

With casual dress in today’s workplace, you don’t see many men or women wearing a tie or scarf. But when you must, it nice to have ties and scarfs neatly organized for quick mix n’ match and retrieval.

Recreation Room

Popcorn Machine Added to Recreation Room

If you have a dedicated recreational room, you got to get a popcorn machine. Popcorn is a family favorite for gaming, watching movies and other recreational activities.

Master Bedroom

When You Just Need a Headboard

So you set up a bed with a mattress frame, mattress and bed linens. What’s missing is a headboard. No problem! You can create your own headboard or purchase the separately to match the decor of your room.

Home Entry Stairway

It’s Rainy Outside – Do You Have a Coat Tree?

Welcome! Please come in. May I take your coat and hat? I am going to hang them here on my decorative, standing coat tree.


Playhouses – Where Your Kids Can Create Their Personal Story

Remember when you were a kid playing outside in your imaginary tree or playhouse. Make those imaginations come true with your own playhouse for your kids to play in.

Kitchen Accessories

Keeping Your Cookware Within Reach

If you are a serious cook, you know how important it is to have handy your cookware. With hanging pots and racks, you can place your hardware within easy reach for everything cooking.

Home Den Library

Bringing the World Into The Family Den

World globes not only make a great home decor piece, but it is great for kid curiosity.


Addressing Your Electrical and Lighting Needs

Electrical services addresses all kinds of needs from basic lighting to appliances to wifi connections and networking

Doors and Windows

White Panel Doors Accents the Color of a Painted Room

You walk into a colorful room. You are looking for a door to another section of the house. You find it quickly. It is a beautiful white paneled door giving perfect accent to the room decor.

Closet Systems

Sliding Door Wardrobe For a Small Bed or Spare Room

Sometimes your bedrooms come with no or very little closet space. Now what do you do? That is when built-in or standing wardrobes come in. They give the space you never had for that small bedroom.


Sectional Sofas Bring Family and Friends Together

Sectional sofas are furniture pieces that have come of age. Many designs allow you to assemble pieces to form a sectional couch or separate them into individual furniture pieces.


Contemporary, Modern Kitchen Design

Who wouldn’t want a nice kitchen? The question is whether you can simply remodel your existing kitchen … or build out your kitchen to make more kitchen space. Let’s view ideas.