ideas: Understanding Home Remodeling Terms

Understanding Home Remodeling Terms

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home remodeling terms

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Thinking for doing something to you home?


  • Let’s first difine the terms:
  • Home Renovation: to restore to good condition; make new or as if new again; repair – (related words) repair, upgrade, renewal, improvement, restoration, facelift.
  • Home Remodeling: to reconstruct; make over – (related words) refurnishing, alteration, improvement, reconstruction, restoration, rearrangement, modernization, redecoration.
  • Home Improvement: a change or addition by which a thing is improved – (related words) improve, improve on
  • Home Addition: adding upon or expanding the original structure of the home or property
  • Once you understand the terms, it will put you in a better position to plan exactly what you want to do – this will help with budgeting, finance and finding the right service contractor to accomplish your end objective.
  • QUESTION? What you see above is an example of a home and/or room addition. This project is can be very costly that may require several contractors. Plus you will need to get permits and complete inspections to make sure the building codes have been met before signing off on the project:

    INFO: when homeowners must obtain permitsINFO: building codes by sstate
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home remodeling terms

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Planning a (kitchen) remodeling project


  • Remodeling means to reconstruct; make over. So if you need to “reconstruct” your kitchen – or in other words, upgrade the kitchen by replacing cabinetry, installing new plumbing, pulling up the floor, etc, is an example of a kitchen remodeling project.
  • Kitchen (or bathrooom, basement, attic, etc.) remodeling may not be as expensive as a home addition – but the cost can be substantial if you want to do a complete overhaul.
  • A remodeling project may or may not require a permit – need to check with your local jurisdiction. However, make sure the project meets code. If it doesn’t, you will need to redo it if plan to refinance or sell your home.
  • QUESTION? how to plan a remodeling project:

    INFO: view our 6 steps in home remodeling by room

    kitchen faucetsceiling mount pan rack

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home remodeling terms

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Doing a home renovation or upgrade


  • A home renovation is to make new or as if new again; to improve or repair. Painting a room without making any structural changes is an example of a home renovation and upgrade.
  • If the renovation or repair involves changing the overall structure of the home, then you will likely need a permit. However, completing a paint project – replacing cabinets – adding a new floor as examples of home renovation that don’t need permits.
  • QUESTION? defining the specs in your renovation (what you would like to do and how much will it cost):

    INFO: grab FREE this spec planning worksheet (excel format)

    paint brushesdrop cloths

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home remodeling terms

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Making home improvements


  • A home improvement is improving your home look and design – something like changing out furniture, adding window treatments, revamping a new interior design, and other improvements in interior decor.
  • New sofa pillows – lighting structures – room and wall decor – furniture – table settings – rugs – are all examples of home improvement. Sometimes the terms such as home decor upgrade or interior design are often used.
  • Home improvements are the least expensive option – you can certain make a change to your home without busting the budget.
  • QUESTION? what kind of home improvements?

    INFO: view out topics about home improvements

    table lampsdecorative bed comfortables

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home remodeling terms

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Don’t forget the curb appeal


  • Curb appeal is changing or improvement the outside look of your home. Curb appeal may involve landscaping – replacing the home siding or roof – add exterior home decor – and any other exterior home project that will make your home look appealing from the curb.
  • Another subset is general yard landscaping – again, this could be simple such as planting some shrugs – or something complex like installing a swimming pool. The type of landscaping may require a permit – especially if it changes the overall structure of the property.
  • QUESTION? What about increasing home value:

    INFO: raise value of your home with these 7 remodeling tips
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