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<span>topic analysis:</span>  Top 5 Best Home Improvement Guides For You

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  • Did you know that you can get up to 97 percent ROI when you make improvements to your home? You can do it yourself or hire a contractor and still recoup the benefits when you sell your home.

    If you're looking to upgrade your home for your own peace of mind that's great too. Following the right home improvement guides is a great idea. Keep reading to learn the five best home improvement guides of 2020. 

    • 1) install new garage door
    • 2) add stone veneer
    • 3) build wood deck
    • 4) replace home siding
    • 5) get look of new steel door

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1. Replace your garage door


  • If you’ve got an outdated rusty garage door you can really reap the benefits of installing a new one. Typically garage doors provide about a 97 percent ROI.
  • You’ll especially see this if you install a four-section door with nice handles and cottage style windows. You’ll also save on energy bills with foam insulation and thermal sealed windows.
  • The home improvement prices guide has this at about $3,600 to install and you get back around $3,500 in return.
    Study Shows Garage Door Replacement Pays You Back the Most at Resale
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2. Stone veneer


  • Stone veneer is classic and classy. It’ll really boost your home’s curb appeal and it’ll boost your wallet when you’re ready to sell your home. You’ll get about 95 percent ROI if you have it put in. 
  • You just have the lower third of your house replaced with 300 square feet of stone veneer. This upgrade is a hot one and in the next few years, it may even increase your ROI to over 95 percent.
    Stone Siding and Stone Veneer Siding: Pros and Cons
  • stone veneer sidingfaux stone panels exteriorslate stone siding

       some exterior stone siding to consider      

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3. Wood deck


  • A wood deck is great for socializing with friends and family or just relaxing on a breezy summer day with a book and a beer.
  • If you put in a 16 by 20 deck with 4 by 4 concrete posts you’ll spend around $13,000 and you’ll get back about $10,000. That comes to around 75 percent ROI. If you’d rather build or have a deck put in with composite materials you’ll spend just under $20,000 and get back about $13,000. That’s still just around a 70 percent ROI.
  • Not too bad at the end of the day. Plus, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it in the meantime. 
    Why Wood Decks Never Go Out of Style
  • deck step lightingdeck rail lightingpatio heater

       some deck lighting to consider      

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4. Replacement siding


  • You can choose to replace your siding with either vinyl or cedar. Cedar is really nice, and it complements contemporary interior design characteristics. However, it costs about three times as much. Cedars is around four dollars per square foot, while vinyl is a buck sixty.
  • Let’s say you have 1,250 square feet of siding you need to be replaced. If you choose vinyl you’ll spend about $16,000 and end up getting back around $12,000. That’s 75 percent ROI.
  • As an added bonus when you install vinyl siding you don’t have to paint it.
    7 Signs Your House Needs New Siding
  • vinyl siding repair kitvinyl siding outlet boxcedar siding

       some siding repair and options to consider      

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5. Steel door for your entrance


  • This is a simple and prosperous way to spruce up your home. Steel doors are also the most secure. You can expect to spend about $1,800 on a mid-level steel door.
  • You should get back about $1,300 which is around 75 percent ROI.
  • Use These Home Improvement Guides

    Now you’ve got five great home improvement guides and ideas to make your home stand out. You’ll also reap great ROI with each of these upgrades.

  • steel exterior doorwifi exterior door lockexterior door hardware

       some exterior door ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your home improvement upgrades

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