ideas: 5 Home Renovations to Tackle Before Your Baby Arrives

5 Home Renovations to Tackle Before Your Baby Arrives

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  • Welcoming a new family member is always exciting. However, there are often many projects around the house that should be done in advance in order to improve your home or make it safer for the entire family.

    Whether it is just decluttering or a complete home renovation, the best timing to do it or have it done is before the baby is born.

    Now, let's take a look at some of the home renovations to tackle before your baby arrives.

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before baby arrives

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Setting up the nursery


  • This is certainly the most obvious home renovation idea that comes to mind when a new family member is expected. If you have a spare room in your home that you can turn into a nursery, you can start the renovation process as early as possible.
  • Even though it might seem like a simple thing to do, once you start planning, you will see that there are many issues you haven’t even thought of before.
  • The nursery is the part of the house where you as a new parent will spend most of your time feeding your baby, changing it, rocking it to sleep, and playing with it. That is why it is important for this room to be practical and easy to clean at all times. But, above all, it has to be safe for you and your baby.
  • Here are some things to take into consideration when setting up or renovating a nursery
    • The Crib

      make sure that you assemble it according to the instruction manual and don’t be afraid to seek help if you think you are not doing it right. A piece of advice when buying crib bedding: avoid using bumpers and other decorating objects that can cause suffocation.

    • Curtains

      if you decide to put them in your nursery, don’t let them be within your baby’s reach;

    • Rugs and Carpets

      the best option is to leave them out (if that’s possible) – hardwood floors are so much easier to clean and so much safer. Rugs and carpets can accumulate an enormous quantity of dust and dirt and they are a tripping hazard both to you and to your baby when it starts crawling or walking.

    • Closets and Furniture

      closets and other pieces of furniture used for storing clothes, toys, books, and all sorts of accessories – they need to be secured to the wall (if not built-in) in order to prevent injuries.

    tips on setting up a nursery room
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Storage solutions


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Changing up the laundry room


  • If you are lucky enough to have a separate laundry room you should make it as practical as possible before the arrival of your new baby. You will be using it – a lot!
  • Upgrade your washer and dryer, or if you do not think they should be replaced, you should at least get the vents and hoses cleaned professionally to prevent fire hazards.
  • Designate the ironing and folding area within your laundry room and make sure that they are practical for use. Also, since you will probably store your detergents and other chemicals in this room, you should install some sort of child lock system on the doors of such cabinets.
  • Check the manuals or stop by a store selling the washer or dryer model that you have at home and inform yourself about the child-protection program that a manufacturer has for your devices.
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  • Since kitchen remodeling is not something that we do so often, it is important to do it right now before your family gets bigger. You should account for child safety upgrades (safety latches for your cabinets and child locks on appliances).
  • The sooner you do your kitchen renovation, the better, since you will have more time to adapt to the new arrangement. Also, make a habit of keeping small appliances where tiny hands cannot reach their cords or any other parts.
    10 tips for child safety in the kitchen

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Bathroom remodeling


  • It is hardly ever the perfect time to do a bathroom renovation, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. But, if it has to be done, it’s better to tackle it before the new baby arrives. Needless to say, you will be needing it more than ever.
  • If you plan to give your precious little one its baths here, you should make sure that the environment is safe and cozy. Get some non-skid mats for your bathroom floor, walk-in shower and/or your bathtub.
  • Also, check if your bathroom window needs to be fixed or even replaced. Old and draughty windows can cause mold and you probably wouldn’t want to expose your newborn to air that can cause health issues.
  • If you keep your medicines in the bathroom, make sure that they are out of your children’s reach. The same goes for all sorts of chemicals and cosmetic products. Babies grow up so fast and in a blink of an eye, your little one will start crawling all over your home and exploring every inch of it.
  • CONCLUSION There are many more home renovations to tackle before your baby arrives, but it all depends on the current condition of your home and the budget you have for this project.
  • A fresh coat of paint is certainly welcome in every home. The same goes for professional cleaning of your floors and furniture. Make your home safe and clean to welcome a new family member and enjoy making new memories in it.

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