ideas: Getting Ready for Spring Planting

Getting Ready for Spring Planting

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  • The spring season begins in few days. So now is the time to plan your spring planting.

    Whether you are planting a vegetable and/or flower garden, do some planning to get your garden ready for planting.

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garden planting

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Spring planting is fast approaching – are your ready?

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continue to scroll below for more detail reference for vegetable gardening, flower gardening, using ornamental grasses, and establishing a fruit orchard. Everything you need to get ready for spring planting. Happy gardening!

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spring planting

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Let’s start with a vegetable garden


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spring planting

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Landscape with flowers


  • Perhaps flowers is what your landscape will look like? Building both a perennial and annual garden with color that you can enjoy all season long. You can maintain a separate flower and vegetable garden. Or you can intermingle flowers within your garden to give you color and vegetables. Flowers are a great addition to any landscape.
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spring planting

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Add some ornamental grasses


  • Why ornamental grasses? Because they are easy to maintain and they can accent both flowering and vegetable gardens. Use these grasses as a border or background to give your garden some height and color.
  • Just make sure the grasses don’t block any valuable sunlight or water sprinkling needs for your flowers and vegetables. You can find ornamental grasses in is all styles, heights, and color that would look great for any garden.
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    Landscaping With Ornamental Grasses

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spring planting

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Don’t forget the fruit


  • Our last gardening piece is planting a fruit orchard and/or berry patch. This requires a bit more skills and time since fruit trees will need 2-3 years of growth before producing any significant growth of fruit.
  • Note that fruit orchards and patches require more land space with full sunlight in order to produce. But it is certainly worth the investment considering the amount of fruit you can harvest and can for year-round enjoyment.
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