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delphinium flowers
delphinium flowers

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What to know about delphinium flowers –


  • About delphiniums:

    delphiniums leaves are deeply lobed with three to seven toothed, pointed lobes in a palmate shape. The main flowering stem is erect, and varies greatly in size between the species.

  • In the early summer months, the plant is topped with many flowers, varying in color from purple and blue, to red, yellow, or white. In most species each flower consists of five petal-like sepals which grow together to form a hollow pocket with a spur at the end, which gives the plant its name.
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    INFO: fact file about delphiniums
  • Where to Grow:

    delphiniums thrive in cooler, moist climates. They bloom in the early summer months with an erect stem that can grow in some species up to six to eight feet high.

  • The entire length of the step is covered with flowers that range in colors of blue, purple, with some reds, yellow and white. Delphiniums are short blooming. After the seasonal bloom, you should deadhead the flowers and fertilize the plant. The plant can bloom again later in the season.
  • INFO: Care Of Delphinium Flowers: Tips For Growing Delphinium Plants
    INFO: learn how to plant and care for delphiniums
  • Garden Planning:

    delphiniums can grow up to 6 feet or more during the blooming season; the base of the plant can grow in width up to 1-3 feet. It’s best to place delphiniums in the back sections of your landscape where they can tower over other perennial and annual flowers.

  • The delphinium stalks will need to be staked; the stems are fragile and will top over in a storm or windy day. Delphiniums are short lived, but are majestic when they bloom. So mingle them with other perennials to maintain color throughout the season.
  • Delphiniums do best in full sun; but can grow in semi-sunny areas (they need about 6+ hours sunlight daily). They are heavy feeders and require good composting and fertilizer to bloom. They thrive in rich, moist soil with good drainage. They are prone to pests and diseases.
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  • Care and Harvesting:

    delphiniums generally bloom early summer. But with the right deadheading and fertilization/care, you can get another growth later in the season (late summer/early fall). At the first freeze, you simply cut the plant down to ground level and wait for the next season to mulch and fertilize.

  • Delphiniums are not a long-living perennial; they generally die out after 3-5 years. You can however harvest the seed for planting and continued growth.
  • Note that delphiniums are toxic – all parts of the plants – including seed – have poisonous chemicals. So keep children and pets away from the plant.
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  • Summary:
    Light:  full sun, part sun
    Soil:  loamy (fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus)
    Height:  1-3 feet, 3-8 feet
    Width:  from 1-3 feet
    Flower:  blue, purple, red, white, pink, yellow
    Foliage:  blue/green
    Season:  summer blooms
    Features:  attracts butteflies
    Benefits:  deer resistant
    Propagation:  division, seed
    Zones:  3,4,5,6,7
    INFO: view growing zones
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