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Christmas Time

The Story of Santa Claus for Christmas 2020

first “photo remodeling” idea copyright image by Started here in Myra, Turkey Notes: This is the place where the story of Santa Claus all started. In Myra, Turkey, an

Christmas Time

The Christmas Story from The Gospel Writers

The upcoming holidays is about santa and his flying reindeer, exchanging gifts, being with family, and enjoying the lights. But truth be know, it is the Christmas story from the gospel writers that makes what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Time

The Christmas Tree Evolution: From Birth to Something Beautiful

The Christmas Tree evolution. It beings on the farm where it planted and nourished. Then off to retail for your review and purchase. And then …

Christmas Time

The 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas. An old carol that is performed every year around this time. But what does it mean? And where are the facts behind the carol. Let’s begin the month of December reviewing the 12 gifts that will dance in your head.


Our Thanksgiving Meal – Similar to the Neighbors Next Door

Thanksgiving is getting closer. Now is the time to get ready for the event. You need to buy a turkey, get some potatoes, figure our what recipes to use, and then think about those special deserts that everyone enjoys.


The First Thanksgiving – And Getting Ready for Yours

Thanksgiving preparation is just two weeks away. Have you made any plans for this special day of gratitude and thanksgiving? Let’s begin by reviewing the first Thanksgiving back in 1621. What did they serve?

Christmas Time

Time to Plan and Decorate Your Home With Holiday Lighting

Christmas if fast approaching. And those homes that have grand displays are frantically getting their homes and landscapes are lighted up. How about you? What kind of holiday display will you have this season? Let’s go over some ideas to consider.

Halloween Fun

What About the Halloween Scarecrows – The Ones That Come Alive

Halloween is coming up this weekend. Have you noticed the scarecrows acting strangely? They are out in the field keeping the crows away from the farmers field. But at night, they seem to go missing.

Halloween Fun

What Type Of Halloween Costume Should You Consider

It’s getting close to Halloween! Do you have any idea what costume you or your family will use this year? Why not review some of the ideas listed below – with reference to how to DYI the costume and it’s origin or story. Some fun Halloween stuff for the season.

Halloween Fun

The Day of the Dead Celebration

Mexico’s Day of the Dead – a festive celebration where the border that separates the dead from the living is removed so that loved ones can visit to their earthly family again. It is a celebration of life that starts late evening on Halloween and runs until late night November 02.

Halloween Fun

Decorating a Halloween Cemetery In Your Front Yard

Halloween is coming. How should you decorate your front yard for the season? How about something simple like an aging, Halloween graveyard. Nothing elaborate. Just some decorative tombstones with seasonal decor and perhaps a prop or two.

Autumn Decor

October Begins Today! What Happens In October?

October begins today! It’s an fun time of the year where we can enjoy many outdoor events that October brings. And given our isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to get outside and enjoy these October events.