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Nursery Room

Classic Children Nursery Room in White

Classic children nursery room in white. Notes: Baby nursery room all in white. Walls painted beige to offset the white. The flooring is off-color white planks. Nursery crib, dresser and

Child/Teen Bedroom

Modern Style Bedroom for That Older Teen Who Has a Couple of Years in Your Home

Modern loft style bedroom in apartment with furnishings, round bed, and bicycle hanging on wall. Notes: A general design for a loft or small apartment bedroom. But something you could

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom in Rustic Style with Pallet Bed

Master bedroom in rustic style with pallet bed. Notes: Very rustic styled room with pendant lighting and rustic electrical wiring outlets. Large clock hangs over the bed. Adds decor to

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom by the Lake

Beautiful bedroom in luxury home bordering a lake. Notes: The color of the bed frame compliments the lake side scenery. No doubt the windows make the room bringing in light

Nursery Room

Decorating a Nursery Room

Cheerful bright nursery room with contrast and painted wall. Notes: This could be any room in the home. All it takes is some creative design. Love the tree against the

Closet Systems

Walk-In Closet and Dressing Room

Wide wooden dressing room, interior of a modern house. Notes: A very functional dressing room. May be a bit large for most homes, but concept is important. The room has

Child/Teen Bedroom

Private Teen Bedroom Attached to Small Bath Area

When your teenager wants their own space. Notes: A small bedroom with bath for a teenage looking for their own space. Could be in the basement or attic for this