The Magical World of Garden Rain Chains

The Magical World of Garden Rain Chains
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    The main purpose of home improvement is to add functionality and improve the aesthetic value of a home.

    There is no better way to do this than with rain chains for your garden.

    What are rain chains?


Rain chains are the modern alternative to downspouts. They are chains that come in a myriad of shapes that hang from the eaves of the roof or roof gutters. Rain chains are designed to direct rainwater from the roof to the ground in a controlled manner.

Rainwater has the tendency to fall anywhere and everywhere if not controlled. This leads to soil erosion which worsens with every rainy season, flooding of entrances, exits and pathways, and destruction of the foundation of a home. As such, directing the water to a specific spot in the home helps you avert all the mentioned disasters. Installing rain chains for your garden comes with numerous advantages aside from providing a controlled system for rainfall.

Rain chains have their rich history embedded in the Asian culture, more so in Japan where they originate. The Japanese refer to them as ‘kusari doi’ meaning chain gutter. Well, it is about time that Americans started enjoying the benefits of these special items.

1. Aesthetic Value

We cannot stress enough how beautiful rain chains are, you just have to see them yourself. Most of them are made from copper whose rich color gives your green garden a facelift. Some chains take the shape of traditional loops while others come in the form of funnels, flower buds, cups, or bunched-up rings. You may opt for chains made from bamboo or precious stones in different colors.

2. Water Catchment

Garden enhancing rain chains come with the added bonus of making the garden a water system for rainfall. The rain will water the garden while keeping the rest of the home in tip top shape after a heavy downpour. A homeowner may set up their garden right at the bottom of the rain chain or create a diversion to the garden at another area of the house. The diversion from the chain could be a small artificial waterfall or a French drain.

Rain Chains: A decorative alternative to Gutters & Downspouts:

3. Tranquility

Modern gardens come with several accessories such as artificial water sounds and therapeutic music systems installed to give them a zen feeling. However, rain chains give your garden this much-needed tranquility naturally. As rainwater cascades down the funnels and flower buds of the chains, it produces a calming rhythmic sound that can be enhanced by installing a number of chains.

Any homeowner considering an upgrade to their lifeless backyard or garden should definitely invest in rain chains. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall throughout the year, use downspouts as a backup to your chains.

After this article, I’m sure you will get yourself some rain chains and share their magical prowess with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

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