ideas: 6 Landscaping Services to Leave to a Professional

6 Landscaping Services to Leave to a Professional

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  • We all desire the perfect curb appeal that allows our property to stand out high above the rest.

    Unfortunately, many of us play landscape-weekend-warrior and try to tackle some of the tougher projects on our own by heading to a major home improvement store and purchasing what we hope is the right equipment and tools for the job.

    There are some key landscape services that you should not attempt no matter how many D.I.Y. YouTube videos you watch. We've included five landscaping jobs you should always leave to the experts.

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Automatic Irrigation System


  • Who wouldn’t want to avoid precious time watering the grass with a hose or setting up an old rotating sprinkler and hoping it hits every dry patch, right?
  • An automatic irrigation system is a modern way to achieve a healthy, crisp, green lawn as the technology does all the work. The program divides your lawn into zones and waters each zone consecutively as the previous zone finishes watering.
  • This can become a complicated system to install. For one, the proper backflow device is essential for your climate. Then, there are the automatic sprinkler heads that pop up to water your zone. Their physical placement matters to ensure a zone receives adequate watering and that their spray angles are right.
    how does an in-ground lawn sprinkler system work
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New Sod Lawn


  • Most of us would prefer an instant, gorgeous green lawn than having to grow it the old-fashioned way by seed. That’s the convenience and beauty of having a new sod lawn laid down.
  • It may look easy enough to install like you’re rolling down a carpet, but landscaping pros know that sod requires the right tools, experience, and timing to get it done the expert way.
  • You need a vehicle big enough to transport the pieces to your property. After that, you need manpower to perform the task of carefully laying it on your yard and not breaking any of the pieces.
  • Also, sod should be laid within 24 hours of it being cut, and you probably cannot find that kind of freshness at your local garden supply store. Using tools like sod rollers, fertilizer spreaders, and tillers become essential in the process.
    How to Lay Sod in 7 Easy Steps
  • grass plugssod fertilizersod laying tools

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Pro pruning/trimming


  • When it comes to a handsome landscape, the maintenance of trees and shrubs plays a key role. Sure, many of us have bought manual or electric shears and tried lopping off branches from our shrubbery and small trees that need healthy grooming or those low-hanging branches that pose a danger on the property.
  • Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a clue what branches to cut and which ones to leave alone or if a bush is weak or dead and should be removed. Experienced pros know the right seasons to perform this routine and to keep your shrubbery looking top-notch year-round.
    How to Prune Small Trees and Shrubs
  • hedge trimmershedge clipperstree trimmers long handle

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Establishing a garden


  • If you dream of a beautiful backyard with a charming garden where flowers pop in stunning colors every month, and weeds aren’t choking your favorite plants, then expert landscapers can envision your dream and make it happen.
  • We can all plop down seeds into the soil, but doing things the right way can mean the difference between a struggling garden and a gorgeous one.
  • Your landscaper knows all about making raised flower beds when to plant seasonal bulbs and the right variety for you, how to make container plantings, and much more. A pro can establish the proper foundation for your garden.
    The Basics: Gardening in Raised Beds
  • raised garden bedgarden soilplant food

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    What comments can you share?

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Landscape grading


  • Another service you should leave in the hands of expert landscapers is that of grading or the leveling of the land.
  • The sculpting technique gets your property ready for projects like building patios, pathways, installing a swimming pool, etc.
  • It’s also performed to ensure that water flows away from your home and won’t erode your property.
  • Grading is a back-breaking process for a solo homeowner and needs to be done by a pro who can determine if the ground is uneven or you have poor drainage.
    What is Landscape Grading?
  • grading rakegrading stakesgrading tiller

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Leaf raking


  • According to Charlottesville Lawncare, a company that does landscaping services Charlottesville, VA, the truth is, leaves damage your grass.
  • If you didn’t do so at the end of last Fall, you want to make sure to get all of the dead leaves out of your yard now. But if you have a big yard, this task can be very daunting. It might be better to have a professional come and take care of this for you.
  • CONCLUSIONSometimes, you have to call in professional landscaping service. They have the training and skills to make any property large or small an asset to your home or business.
  • leaf rakeleaf blowerleaf collection bags

       some leaf raking ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your experience with landscaping services?

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