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5 Design Tips for Picking Out Home Furniture

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  • Even though choosing furniture for your home can be exciting, the process can be stressful as well.

    Our homes should be the place where we feel the most comfortable, so of course, we want to be proud of the way it looks.

    Here are five practical design tips for picking out the best home furniture.

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Figure out the “vibe”


  • Before you start selecting the furniture pieces you want, ask yourself about the vibe you want for your space. How do you want your home to feel when you return back to your residence after a long day? Which emotions do you want to evoke when you’re spending time relaxing at home?
  • Feelings have colors associated with them and you can use this to determine which furniture pieces are best for you. For instance, blue is the color of balance and reliability. Orange is a color that evokes hunger and purple is a sign of elegance.
  • You should also think about the decorative theme(s) you prefer. If you like the minimalist look, choose items with sharp, clean lines. You can also select marble or metal pieces to adorn the space and add texture instead of bright colors.
  • Or, if you prefer bold hues, you can choose an accent piece for certain rooms in your home like a sofa or armchair that can serve as a conversation piece.
  • If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram trying to find the right furniture for your home, chances are you’re overwhelmed. Or, you may be searching online for furniture stores in your area.
  • For instance, if you’re in or near Lawton, you can search for a furniture store in Lawton OK. You might see a lot of pieces that you like, but you may not know how to incorporate these items into your home.
  • However, remember that you can’t design your home "incorrectly." It’s your space and you should customize it in a way that works for you.
    Creating a Cozy, Earthy Vibe in Your Home
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Build your design around a single piece


  • When you’re focusing on the decorative items that will characterize your home, don’t be overly concerned about perfection. Focus on pieces that you love and items that are significant to you.
  • For instance, if you purchased an original art piece or vase during vacation or while visiting family, you can center your design theme around these items.
  • Make sure the furniture you choose matches the theme of the focal piece. If you have a vintage nightstand or clock, select a sofa or love seat made from quality wood and velvet cushions to complete the antique look.
    How to Design Your Home Around a Theme
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Go for multi-purpose storage


  • Choose furniture pieces that also offer storage. This is important if you have children and want to find creative ways to keep your home tidy. Ottomans that open can provide space for books, pillows, and throw blankets.
  • If you’re purchasing a furniture set, buy portable shelves in complementary colors so you can store your small furniture items in an organized way.
  • You can also cut down on clutter by choosing one large furniture piece for each room. For example, if you have a large sofa in the den, accent it with a small table or entertainment center. Since the bed is the largest furniture piece in your room, accent this with a small rug or reading chair.
    Incredible Types of Storage Furniture for The Living Room
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Don’t be afraid of color


  • Color can add character to a room whether you want to create a mood or add smaller furniture to complement larger items. Figure out the color scheme of the room to ensure you evoke the right mood when you, your family members and your guests enter the area.
  • Natural hues like beige, white and brown look great with pops of vivid colors, especially if you like a mid-century, mod design theme.
  • Warmer shares like red, orange, and yellow give your home a cozy, welcoming feel. Cool hues like green and blue make your home feel relaxed and balanced.
  • You can use brightly colored furniture to upgrade a room and to showcase eye-catching pieces that make your home one of a kind.
  • For instance, if you purchase a couch in a neutral color, choose accent pillows in shades of red and orange if you prefer a bold color scheme. Or, you can select burgundy and bronze if you prefer jewel tones.
    How To Use Color Theory in Home Interior Design
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Look for fabrics that make a statement


  • Look for fabrics that have unique textures to add depth and originality to your space. If you select leather furniture, add a plush area rug or burlap throw blanket for contrast.
  • You should also make your couch(es) a statement piece in your home. If your sofa has luxurious upholstery are especially inviting. Velvet furniture suggests a retro or Victorian theme and leather couches are edgy and modern.
  • Of course, you’ll also have to think about the size and material of the couch based on your family size and whether you have small children or pets.
  • Choosing satin, faux fur, or premium cotton throw blankets and rugs to complete the decor theme can make your home comfortable while still providing the sophistication that showcases your design preferences.
    Everything You Need to Know About Using Textiles in Interior Design
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    how you have improved your home’s curb appeal

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