Preparing Your Home For Winter With Home Improvement Strategies

Preparing Your Home For Winter With Home Improvement Strategies
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    Winter brings about cold weather, snow and ice. That means that you need to prepare your home for this cold weather, just as much as you need to prepare yourself.


It’s about more than just putting some plastic over your windows. You may want to clean out gutters, put away hoses, and clean out your gutters. But there are some other things that you may want to do that can be simple or they can be a complete renovation project, depending on how much time and money you want to put into it.

Check For Drafts

Check your windows and doors for drafts. Sometimes something as simple as some weather stripping can fix issues with drafts, but you may want to do something more than just cover up a problem. Sure, you can put up some plastic or use some caulk, but how permanent is that?

Find out what kind of cost or how much work would need to be done in order to have new windows put in. You can invest in double-pane windows that help hold heat in far more efficiently. Not only would new windows stop drafts, but they would also cut down on your overall heating costs by helping to hold heat in your home.

The same thing goes for having doors that aren’t drafty. You can always caulk around the door to deal with drafts, or be old fashioned and use a door draft stopper (which can actually be pretty stylish). However, it can be fun to purchase a fancy new door!

Get Your Roof Fixed

Before the winter season arrives. If you have water pooling on your roof in the winter every time snow thaws you risk more leaks, and you also risk more damage from the frozen chunks when they slide off.

If you live in an area with a great deal of snow in the winter, you may want to start looking into roofing contractors to come check your home, to make sure your roof will hold up through a rough winter. The last thing you want is to have some heavy snow come crashing into your home!

Make Sure Your Pipes Are Weatherized

One very expensive home repair could be broken pipes if you don’t make sure they are properly weatherized. If you have a basement it can be pretty easy to put some heat tape on water pipes, but if your home simply has a crawl space you may want to have someone experienced come in and do the work for you.

If you do end up with frozen pipes, it’s important to get them dealt with quickly to lower your risk of a break.;

Tune Up The Heater

It’s a new winter and your heater has been shut off for months. Before you turn it on have a professional come in and check it out to make sure everything is running properly. If it’s not you may want to invest in a new energy efficient heater, which will keep your home warm and your wallet for emptying even on the coldest days.

If your heater isn’t pumping out enough heat for your whole home, think about investing in a space heater or even a heated mattress pad, to help you keep cozy at night.

Check Your Cold Weather Gear

Check your space heaters out before you put them into use as well. A frayed chord could be a fire risk. The same goes for heated blankets and mattress pads. Make sure that they are running properly. Check your smoke detectors at this time as well.

That also means making sure that you have the cold weather gear your body needs in order to stay warm too! What good is a warm and happy home if you’re frozen somewhere. It’s time to dig out the winter jacket and boots and make sure they still fit so you have time to buy new ones before the snow flies!



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