Sunday Morning Tip for May 08: New Home? Here Are 5 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Yard

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for May 08:</span> New Home? Here Are 5 Upgrades You Can Make to Your Yard
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    Buying a new home isn't just about having a place of your own.

    The real fun starts when you are doing home improvements, where you truly take ownership of the property and make it what you want and need it to be.


You might have a list of projects you want to do indoors the minute you get the keys, but there are some upgrades you should consider to your yard as well.

A Hanging Chair

Depending on the size and style of your yard, you might put in a hanging chair or even a full gazebo. This can work well in the front yard if you have just moved to a new home. Neighbors are likely to come by and introduce themselves and welcome you to the neighborhood.

Having a place to sit outdoors means you can be friendly and chat with them without letting strangers into your home. You can invite some in after you find out which ones you actually want to be friends with.

Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit can be a place of light and warmth on a crisp, cool night or a place to roast marshmallows on warmer, shorter evenings.

It might not seem like an urgent priority when you first move in, but it can also be a space for your family to relax away from all the projects and unpacking going on inside your new home. Additionally, a fire pit can add a lot of value to your home.

fire pitstable fire pit

      some fire pits to consider      


If your new home is new itself, it might not have any fencing. Previous owners might not have had fencing either, or their fencing just doesn’t work for you.

Putting in your own can help keep stray animals out of your yard, children in your yard, or even prying eyes at ground level from penetrating your space. Find a style that fits your feel and look. Keep in mind that wood fences need to be restained regularly.

Choose the kind of fence that you can maintain.

Personal Garden

Another fine addition to any yard is a good garden. Take the time to learn what atmosphere you want to go for. Then make sure you know what kind of plants work well in your climate.

Once you have both down, you can start designing the layout of your garden. Remember to choose plants that don’t require too much effort.

How much time and energy can you put into your garden each week? Having a garden with beautiful flowers and delicious food is a plus for any house.

live garden bulbsgarden planters

      some garden planning to consider      

Play Equipment

If you have kids moving with you, then they need a place to play. For just a few hundred dollars and an afternoon with basic tools, you can assemble a play equipment station for them to enjoy and burn off energy.

They might even get to start making friends up and down the street in a place where you can see them. A playground or sandpit is a great place for your kids to play and learn.

Buying a new home isn’t just the four walls and everything else under the roof. It’s the entire yard surrounding your physical home. Use these upgrade ideas to make the yard serve your family well or just be something inviting and beautiful to come home to.

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