Turn Your Backyard Into An Adult Playground

Turn Your Backyard Into An Adult Playground
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    Although regular training is highly recommended, many people find it tiresome to commute to the nearest gym.

    It’s both time and money consuming, and sometimes rather unpleasant.


Even though in some countries the popularity of outdoor free gyms has emerged, some still consider training boring repeated action on same equipment. However, the experts claim that physical activity through play is crucial for physical and mental health. So, why wouldn’t you join beautiful and useful and turn your backyard into an adult playground? No matter how old you are, you are never too old for having fun.

Adult Trampoline

Yes, that’s right. Trampoline manufacturers have started taking us into consideration, too. Which means that there is a wide range of spacious heavy duty adult trampolines. And guys from Trampoline Review Guide say that when purchasing one, you should think about frame, size and following accessorize.

Not only does jumping on the trampoline evoke super thrill and childhood memories, but serves as a great form of exercise. Regular jumping triggers various muscles and improves coordination, concentration and motor skills. However, you had better not experiment too much with acrobatic moves. You aren’t as flexible as you used to be, and you might hurt yourself.

Let’s Play Hopscotch!

Hopscotch court is definitely the easiest and most affordable backyard game to implement into your adult playground. It doesn’t require special equipment or storage space, and you can include your entire family. It’s a game that never loses its popularity, so your kids probably love it as much as you do.

Who knows? Small competitions may become a new family tradition one day. What’s more, it’s beneficial for your health. Hopping up and down the grid is a physical activity that includes gravity resistance which is perfect as bone strengthening and balance exercise.

Good Old Darts

This traditional pub game is another budget friendly game for your little playground. All you need are darts, dartboard and clever way to hang it on the wall. It’s ideal for casual chilling family gatherings and barbecue dinners. Moreover, it can be all summer long source of amusement as you can organize, for example, weekly tournaments among friends and family.

With a little adjustment, kids can enjoy it just as much. For example, place a few balloons in front of the dartboard and let them be kids’ target. As darts has evolved during the time, you can expand the game rules or try yard darts.

Something a Little Bit More Extreme

When you were a kid, you possibly tried climbing every tree you could reach. Since you are all grown up now, there most probably isn’t any branch that could hold your weight anymore. But, don’t despair. Climbing wall is an excellent solution for extreme sports lovers’ playground. It resembles rock climbing which is again a great strength exercise. It makes almost every muscle move – legs, arms, shoulders, abs, fingers, etc. Plus, it demand a good concentration and reasoning which keeps our mind active.

DIY Mini Golf Course

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With some basic material, building a miniature golf course can be a piece of cake. Once you make sure that the surface where you plan to build it is flat enough, start constructing sidings with bricks, wood, aluminium or any other material you could find.

As you probably don’t have much space, you will only need a couple of holes. And that is what you can be really playful with as you can make hazards and traps in form of mazes, tunnels, bumpers, and anything you can think of.

However, be careful so as not to make it impossible for ball to reach the hole. In case you never learned to hit the ball properly, Swingeagle can help you. It is a swing aid designed to train you by guiding your motion in a way golf professionals do it. Together with training program, you will soon swing like a pro.

So, who says that playing at the playground cannot be adventurous and joyful anymore? Apparently, it can. Therefore, exercise, spend some quality family time and enjoy your little playground.

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