How to Deep Clean Your Deck

How to Deep Clean Your Deck
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    Deep cleaning a deck is necessary to keep it spotless for a long time.

    In addition, the process enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.


To keep decks decluttered and well-maintained, some homeowners seek the services of professional cleaners. Leaving everything to professional cleaners could add up to a lot of expenses in the long run.

Fortunately, it’s possible for homeowners to take on part of the deep-cleaning process to save on maintenance costs.

If you’re planning to clean your deck anytime soon, you need to know how to get it done right. This could help you finish your task on time, and with minimal expenses incurred.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

1. Remove Furniture, Pots, And Other Stuff

Before washing your deck, you need to remove the furniture, fixtures, pots, and anything that may hinder the cleaning process. You may need to move this stuff to your lawn or any sheltered area while the cleaning is ongoing.

2. Sweep Away The Dirt And Leaves

If your deck has potted plants, it likely contains dirt smudges, debris, and grime that had hardened after a few weeks. Your deck may also have dry leaves scattered in the area.

To remove this clutter, you could use a broom with stiff bristles. You may also use a crevice cleaning tool—a curved blade—to remove the leaves and debris stuck between deck boards or blocks.

3. Use A Pressure Washer

After removing the leaves and debris, you may use a power washer to get rid of the hardened dirt. For the best results, you may seek the service of professional exterior cleaning companies in your area.

If you’re in Greensboro NC, you may look for a pressure washing Greensboro NC company that offers different washing services.

Before you start power-washing your deck, you may need to check your deck boards. Whether wooden or composite, it should still be durable enough to withstand high pressure. Otherwise, your boards may get splintered, or damaged by strong pressure from the power washer.

With power washing, you need to start from the thickest smudges. This way, you could soak them long enough before you proceed to clean the less stubborn dirt.

After removing the latter, you can go back to the (hopefully) softened smudge and power-wash it. You may also use a scraping tool after every 15 minutes of pressure washing for better results.

Keep repeating this step until the deck is thoroughly clean and free from leaves and debris.

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4. Scrub The Deck And Use A Deck Cleaner

Since dirt and debris tend leave stains on your deck boards, you may repeatedly need to scrub the space. You can use an ammonia-free liquid cleaner instead of a regular cleaner.

Regular cleaning options tend to contribute to ground pollution, and can potentially harm the grass growing around the deck area.

Combine two scoops of ammonia-free cleaner with a gallon of water and disperse it on the area. After that, let it dry for about half an hour.

If your deck is wooden or composite, you could spray an oxygen bleach solution. This way, you can prevent molds and mildew from growing on the surface area.

Avoid using chlorine bleach, which could damage paint and cause discoloration.

5. Rinse The Deck

Since the cleaner and other cleaning solutions leave a slippery surface if not washed off, you have to make sure you rinse your deck properly. This will help you avoid slipping both during and after cleaning.

The easiest way to rinse the deck is by using a water hose or a power washer set to low pressure.

6. Seal The Deck

In some cases (like with certain wooden decks), you may need to apply a sealant to your deck to preserve your deck’s appearance, and, in turn, your home’s curb appeal. Before applying the sealant application, you need to make sure any rough spots are properly sanded.

You may use a 60-150 grit sanding paper or disc in this step. This could help your sealant penetrate the boards, thus providing a better finish.

You may also consider using a long-handled paint roller for a more manageable sealing for better application. You may utilize a stain mop or pad and a sprayer for more expansive deck areas.

You may also think about choosing and using top-quality stains that could layer the finish for a more durable result.

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Wrapping Up

Deep deck cleaning can be challenging, but it’s necessary for keeping your boards spotless and damage-free. Aside from the tips mentioned above, you can also seek help from experienced professional cleaners.

They could give you even more tips on effective and eco-friendly cleaning methods to make sure your deck is well and truly dirt-free.   

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