How to Build the Right Deck for Your Space

How to Build the Right Deck for Your Space
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    Building a deck can add extra space to your home and also increase the value of your property, depending on where you live.


A big part of the project will involve choosing the right types of materials for the deck and deciding whether you are going to build the deck yourself or hire a professional installer. You’ll also need to figure out which deck tiles to use and choose the right outdoor flooring based on factors like climate, your budget, and the overall use of the space. Here are some important things to consider when you are building a deck for your outdoor space:

Designing Deck Plans

Your initial deck planning will involve measuring the available space, looking at different constructions, and determining exactly where the structure will stand. Then, it comes down to making the decision and choosing the size and style of your deck — including what it will be used for.

For example, will you be hosting barbecues and cocktail parties on the deck, using it as a lounge area, creating dedicated space for yoga or exercise, or will it be an open space for an outdoor garden? Deciding what the main purpose of the deck will be can help you choose the right layout and materials.

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Working with a contractor to design the deck plans can make this process easier. The contractor can provide a blueprint and framework for the job, give you an estimate about how long it will take, and give you an idea of different deck tiles and flooring options that would be a good fit for your particular project. Getting a professional opinion can help to move your project forward.

Choosing the Right Materials

Choosing the right types of deck tiles or outdoor flooring for your project is critical for making this a successful project. There are several different types of deck tile flooring options available, and most are made of eco-friendly materials that can withstand changing temperatures.

Deck tiles and other types of outdoor flooring designed specifically for decks and patios are also rot-resistant. Unlike natural wood flooring, these tiles won’t be prone to rotting away or deterioration over time because of all the exposure to the elements.

In most cases, deck tiles are easy to install and are easily replaceable when needed. Many types of tiles simply snap together to create a pattern and don’t require any special tools or advanced skills to place them. You can choose from several wooden deck tiles for a natural look or even stone and concrete tiles, depending on the space.

Stone deck tiles are becoming increasingly popular and can create a more modern look. Unlike wood planks, stone tiles can be laid out in a number of different patterns and are available in several shades, textures, and colors to create a unique outdoor space.

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Estimating Costs and Budgets

Calculating the total costs of your deck-building project can be daunting, but it’s a necessary step for ensuring you stay within your budget. In addition to the cost of materials and supplies, you need to factor in costs such as:

  1. Shipping materials and supplies to the worksite
  2. Labor costs for installation
  3. Cleanup costs for debris and materials
  4. Any building permits you need to obtain for your homesite
  5. Painting and decorating costs after the deck is finished
  6. General maintenance costs for that particular type of flooring or deck tiles

Hiring a Professional or DIY

Unlike laying down flooring inside the home, building a deck requires special techniques. This is why it can pay to hire an expert construction builder who has experience building decks of different sizes and shapes.

If your deck has multiple stairs or levels, it’s even more important to have it built by a professional. You may need to cut down different sizes of wood to make sure the stairs don’t wobble, or you may need to install latches and frames around certain parts of the deck for structural integrity. All of these techniques can be learned as a DIY project, but doing it yourself does run the risk of you making some costly mistakes.

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If it’s a simple deck build over a flat surface and you are confident in your DIY skills, you may be able to complete the project yourself with some basic tools and supplies. If the project is more complex, hiring a contractor could help ensure the deck is built safely and securely.

Maintaining Your New Deck

After the building phase is over, you may need to invest some time and money in keeping the deck clean and preventing problems down the road. If you chose any type of natural wood flooring or plank flooring for the construction project, you may need to use special cleaning tools and materials to keep your deck in good shape. Natural wood planks will require sealing treatments at least once a year to prevent termite damage or rotting and erosion.

If you chose deck tiles made out of concrete or brick, you may need to check the tiles regularly and replace any cracked or broken tiles. Weeds that start growing between the tiles will need to be removed. If it’s a raised deck, making sure there aren’t any cracks or large spaces between deck tiles can help you keep the deck in good shape. Doing some research on outdoor flooring for decks and patios can help you get a fair idea of how much it will cost to maintain that deck for many years to come.

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Building a deck is a popular outdoor project, but there are several things you need to consider before you jump into the construction process. From choosing the right outdoor flooring for the space to making sure you’re accounting for all the project material costs, your deck building project will require mapping out a complete project plan.

Working with a professional deck builder can save you time over a DIY project, but it will end up adding more to the cost of the project. But when it’s all done, the benefits of the deck will be felt by you, your family and your friends when you’re able to entertain in your new, outdoor space.

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