Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Winter

Tips to Prepare Your Patio for Winter
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    Before we know it, it will be winter again. During the winter, cold temperatures and snow can cause damage to your patio.

    They cause concrete to crack, mortar joints between bricks to erode, and patio boards to split, mold, or rot.


They will also damage patio chairs and tables if you do not cover them. It’s important to consider utilizing some methods to protect your patio from the harsh weather. Instead of wasting money replacing furniture or fixing issues that have worsened in the cold climate, consider these tips to prepare your patio for winter.

Seal the Deck

If your patio is made of wood, sealing the deck is especially important. The dry, cold air in winter makes wood contract, which can cause it to split. Even plastic lumber alternatives will contract at the end of each board.

To prevent this from happening, clean the patio well, then seal it with a water-repellent sealer. Experts do not recommend covering your patio with tarp or vinyl. Though it provides some protection, it can also cause damage as moisture gets locked underneath the covering.

Protect Patio Furniture

It’s also important that you protect your patio furniture. If you have the option to bring patio furniture inside, that is ideal. If not, cover items with heavy-duty, waterproof fabric that’s specially made for patio furniture.

You can even get custom-made coverings or try shrink wrap that’s made for the outdoors. Be sure to clean everything thoroughly before covering them. Use a light cleaning solution, or the colors may fade.

For sling chairs, you should consider giving the fabrics a good scrub, then cover them. Considering proper storage is another important tip for maintaining your sling chair fabric. If you have room indoors or even in the garage, this can be a good space to store your patio chairs during the winter months.

Purchase Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades have become quite popular for patios, especially those with a special seating area such as a gazebo or pergola. Consider purchasing outdoor shades for your patio.

This is especially worth considering if you will have any patio furniture that sits outside year-round. Aside from winter, these shades can also be useful during summer. They will protect the area from harsh winds in the winter and from sun damage in the summer.

other valuable tips:

Identify Any Necessary Repairs

This is one of the most important tips to prepare your patio for winter, as any issues with your patio will just get worse during these months. If your patio already has splits, cracks, and rotting, it’s imperative to take care of those problems immediately.

Fill cracks in concrete patios, fill joints between bricks with sand and cover them with sealer, replace splitting boards, and replace any nails that are sinking into damp wood. These measures will surely prevent further damage, so your patio will be in great shape when spring comes around.

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